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Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

So far Five in a Row has been working really well for us.  It allows for a delight-directed approach for the kids, and just enough structure for me.  So this week I had to see what the fuss over Cranberry Thanksgiving, is all about.  It's the first book that we've rowed in awhile that was not chosen as a result of the boys interests or specific requests, but they love seasonal studies, so I went with it!

This was a short homeschool week for us with outside appointments, classes and co-op, so this row was short and sweet, but we had fun.  I'm not usually an "art" person, but that was my favorite activity this week!

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

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Language Arts

Setting, Similes, Onomatopoeia 
We discussed the lessons in the manual.  We kept it simple and conversational, but we'll come back around to these and study them more in the future.

Elliott had some copywork, as usual, from Homeschool Share's Cranberry Thanksgiving packet.  Captain America was along for the ride, I suppose.

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

Social Studies

Nicknames, Disagreeable People, Judging by Appearance
These were some of the topics in the manual that we discussed, and the boys loved trying to come up with new nicknames for everyone in the family!

Geography-New England States
We 'colored' in the New England states on a map of the United States, and colored our state as well.

Cranberry Thanksgiving NE states with Five in a Row

The boys colored their own story disks for their passports . . .

. .  . and Elliott put the main story disk onto our wall map over the New England area.

Cranberry Thanksgiving NE states with Five in a Row

History of Cranberries
I gave the boys the Cranberry Illustration while I talked to them about the history of cranberries and how Europeans initially called them Crane Berries.

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

Character - Thankfulness
Thankfulness was the topic of discussion during the last two weeks of Sparks (and they made a Thankfulness Tree from hand prints) and that happened to be the section this week where Emory was working in his book!  When he was listing things for his book, he said Eleanor.  I asked him if he was thankful for Elliott too.  "Sometimes I am."  HA!  Brotherly love!  :)

At home, the boys did this quick What Are You Thankful For? page.  They drew pictures and wrote a description, or in Emory's case, I helped him write it out.

Cranberry Thanksgiving (thankfulness) with Five in a Row

This topic is covered in the manual, but we didn't go in-depth since this was a short week due to those outside commitments.  I know we can easily focus on it next week leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.  However we are listening to Stories of the Pilgrims in the car (review from last year) and here are some of the other books in our Book Basket.

The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas
Off to Plymouth Rock by Dandi Daley Mackall
The Story of the Pilgrims by Katherine Ross
Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving by Virginia Kroll
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott 
The First Thanksgiving by Linda Hayward
Samuel Eaton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy by Kate Waters

Measurements, Estimation
Since we were baking cranberry bread, we of course reviewed measurements within the context of cooking.  We also used the Berries in a Bag worksheet from Homeschool Share before we baked to estimate/count the berries, as well as measure their bouncing.  As you can see, he was slightly off with his estimation, but he was spot on with the next question--I just had to help him condense his answer to fit on the line!

Cranberry Thanksgiving (math) with Five in a Row


Seasons, Baking, and Cranberries
We did discuss the lesson in the manual on seasons and rising agents, but we focused on Cranberries!

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

First, does it float or sink?  After his guess, we plopped a cranberry into a glass of water, and then we "dissected" another cranberry to check out the insides and maybe determine why it would float.  I remembered how someone posted on the FIAR Facebook page about comparing cranberries and grapes, so we dropped a grape in our glass, and checked out the inside of a grape too.

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

Then we baked our bread {this is where I inserted the discussion on rising agents}.  I didn't get any good pictures of the process though.  We used Grandmother's famous, but secret recipe, and the boys wanted to know how I got a copy of it!  Haha!  I only differentiated from the recipe by replacing the raisins (which we didn't have on hand) with extra cranberries.  Elliott said "I love to cook!" so I know I need to incorporate the FIAR cookbook more often!  He is definitely his father's child!

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

We read the book for the day as we enjoyed a slice of cranberry bread!  I wasn't sure how it would go over after their "taste test" of fresh cranberries.  Emory refused to try it, but Elliott devoured his slice and asked for more.  Eleanor wouldn't try it at the time, but had some the next morning with her breakfast.  Daddy liked it too, and he's picky about his breads--Cranberry Bread being one of his favorites!

Cranberry Thanksgiving with Five in a Row

To finish up with Cranberries, we watched the Cranberries episode from our Curiosity Quest review, as a refresher on the growth and harvesting of cranberries.  Several of the things we discussed during the math/science activities (bouncing, buoyancy, etc) were covered in the episode, and Elliott was impressed that there were over 1,000 recipes for cranberries.  He's convinced Daddy would like cranberry coffee!

Silhouettes and Color Palettes
We focused on the lesson in the manual, Elliott reviewed warm colors while I gave Emory a brief overview, and I found this Silhouette Picture tutorial from Domestic Serenity that I just could not pass up!

I printed and cut profile pictures of the boys.

They painted black . . .

Silhouettes and Warm colors with Cranberry Thanksgiving/Five in a Row

Then we chose warm color chalk pastels and they made the background!

Silhouettes and Warm colors with Cranberry Thanksgiving/Five in a Row

I helped them glue their silhouettes onto their "fireplace" background.

Silhouettes and Warm colors with Cranberry Thanksgiving/Five in a Row

Emory . . .
Silhouettes and Warm colors with Cranberry Thanksgiving/Five in a Row

Elliott . . .
Silhouettes and Warm colors with Cranberry Thanksgiving/Five in a Row

I wasn't sure if they would like this project.  I don't think they love the texture of the chalk pastels, but overall they enjoyed the activity, and they loved sharing them with Daddy when he got home!

This was short a row, and more conversational than usual (though that is often the intention of Five in a Row) but we really enjoyed it!  They both enjoyed the book and I'm sure it will be a Thanksgiving Book Basket tradition from now on!

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  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun! I can almost taste that cranberry bread. I sure wish the recipe wasn't a secret:).

    1. Somebody shared Grandma's recipe!