Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Children's Christmas Program

Recently the Husband and I were asked to head the Junior Church ministry.  We've been involved with it for a long time, but when we stepped up a few months ago, it was already time to jump right into the Christmas play!  We wanted to keep it simple our first year.  We enlisted the help of a few awesome people who helped tremendously, and we are forever grateful!  It turned out really well and we had a great time that night!

Nothing like watching these little Promises sing!  

Before it started, Elliott was looking a little unsure . . . 

Emory always looks extremely unsure.

See??  He has a 'HELP ME' look right now.  He also threw out a "Daddy, this thing is itchy" comment as was trying to rip off his head piece!

He knew his part and said it without any trouble at all.

Though every time I went to take a picture of him singing, he was watching someone off to the side.

And this one was distracted by a fuzzy!

Paying attention this time!

Emory memorized his part too (yay!) and had it down during practice, but when he got up there that night, he said the first line "I am Joseph . . . " and sped through the rest of it so fast that it was just a mumble of words.  This got him a few giggles of course, so he just shrugged and smirked!

See?  Easily amused!

Mary and Joseph took their part seriously!

Eleanor is not in any of the participating classes, but the preschool teacher did bring the nursery kids up for a few minutes.  If I'd known they were putting her in an angel costume, I would have dressed her in a silver and white outfit!  Ha!

This picture melts my heart!

She got a little bored on stage, so she went back to sit with her Wed. night teacher!  (Yay, we're finally getting past stranger anxiety, and she ADORES this woman so much she goes to her by choice!)

 Then during the closing, a little runaway Angel had to sneak up on stage to see her pawpaw!  Of course he can't tell this girl no.

All in all, it was a blessing to be part of this program!

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