Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm being interviewed at Homemaking Organized!

Exciting news, folks!  Homemaking Organized is running a series called Homeschoolers at Home Tuesdays.  It is a little peek inside the Homeschools and daily routines of a variety of different homeschoolers.  If you're nosy curious how other homeschooling families run their homes, this series is perfect for you!  Today I am being featured and sharing a little about our homeschool, our routine and how I deal with the cares of home.

If you're feeling ever so kind, or you're not familiar with Homemaking Organized, pop on over and read about my "interesting" life, and take a peek around Homemaking Organized too.  This is the blogger who is making the printables for the 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge that I'm participating in, so you know there's some great stuff to discover!

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