Friday, January 30, 2015

Tackling the Fridge, Freezer and Floors!

So I've made it through Week 4.  Well, kind of anyway.  For 34 Weeks of Clean, the recent challenge was Fridge, Freezers and Floors.  We have the fridge/freezer, and a deep freezer.

I figured I should start with the refrigerator, because after weeks of not cooking real meals and having a two week old, it was in rough shape.  Husband's pizza box from the night before makes it look even worse.  Can you tell the kiddos have been helping put things away too?

I pulled the last four single-serve yogurt containers out of two different boxes.  I found a few expired things to toss.  Only one small bowl of leftovers.  I wiped shelves and washed out the drawers.

I planned creamy chicken tacos to use up the half jar of salsa that was in the fridge.

I found one of Eleanor's hairbows . . . ?

My little helper couldn't decide which apple she wanted!

Eventually I cleaned out the small freezer.  It was mostly creating tie-dye in the sink with all those random popsicles.  Then I grouped liked items together.

I didn't get to the ice machine yet.  I also didn't move any of the excess to the deep freezer yet, which would have made this look nicer.  That's because I ignored the deep freezer.

I'll use the excuse that the other freezer is in the utility room, and we're focusing on the kitchen.  No?  I have a newborn.  I can milk that one for all it's worth, right?  That's a bigger job so it will have to wait for the weekend when I have adult backup.

I did tack on one of the cabinets that I didn't get to last week.  The pots and pans were irritating me, so I started with that one.

I got rid of the miniature, wannabe loaf pans.  I also donated some cake pop thing I've never used for its intended purpose.  Then I moved the cheesecake pan and a few lesser-used items back to the far cabinet to make room for the slow cooker and other larger items that don't actually fit in that other cabinet.  This one has the slider drawer, and larger things actually fit here, so I don't know why I kept putting them on the other side of the kitchen when we use them fairly often.  The slow cooker was actually in use while I was doing this!

It's not pretty, but it's more functional.

I didn't scrub my floors and baseboards, but they got their usual cleaning.  The rugs will probably get washed this weekend now that I'm caught back up on laundry.

Next week's challenge should be a bit easier for me.  It's Recipes!  Well, that includes cookbooks, and while I'd happily reduce our collection, the husband might take some convincing.  I'll let you know how that goes!

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  1. Your cute baby adds to the charm of your cleaning. It looks like your potential avalanche in the before picture has been averted. Great Job!

    1. Ha, avalanche is a good word to describe the way things have been lately. I needed this challenge to get me back in gear.

  2. Yep, who cares about floors when you have that cutie to look at all day! I am impressed you get anything done! Yay for you! And creamy chicken tacos? We all need that recipe please! Have you seen Cristi's post- she too, make pretty art in her sink with Popsicles! Too funny! Thanks for linking up and for the reminder that we do not have to do it all to be successful!

    1. Michele, I needed this challenge. I'm on a mission to declutter and have my home back, and as much as I love cuddling that baby, I don't want to let it become an excuse to keep putting the house off.

    2. Oh, and I'll update the post with a link to the creamy chicken tacos. The best part is that it's a slow cooker recipe, which makes it so simple!

  3. I think you're doing fabulous getting so much stuff done with a newborn. I think the only thing I did relating to my freezer (inside or outside) when I had a two week old was shoving stuff aside to make room for frozen breastmilk.

    1. I guess I'd have to make time to try out the new pump. haha!