Saturday, February 28, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: The Living Room

The most lived in room in our house is definitely the living room.  We don't have a den or family room, and we're a homeschooling family without a homeschool room, so the living room really gets hit hard.

The first thing I did was clean under the couch.  Why??  Because I am a glutton for punishment.  We have a 3-piece sectional, so it's not like I can just slide the couch over and vacuum.  I removed all the cushions and found some broken crayons, and some random toys and I vacuumed for good measure.  Then I had to take the sectional apart and flip the pieces over (it's the easiest way for me to handle the beast by myself) so that I could cry.

Folks, I just had a baby so I wasn't cleaning under couches for the last nine months or so, and you could tell.  I think everything that has ever gone missing in our house in the last year was under that couch.

I could make an I Spy game out of this picture!  Crayons, pencils, pens, math manipulatives, books, a missing remote, a cookbook, video games, more LEGO pieces and other random toys, mismatched socks, hangers, hair bows.  Oh, and a penny.  I earned a penny for all that.  I literally run my vacuum attachment under the edges of the couch every time I vacuum, so I don't know how that stuff goes unnoticed, but it looked like most of it fell between the actual sections,  and behind the couch (it is against the wall) which is how most of it probably went unnoticed.

Then we had these two school shelves.  I finally used this week as a motivator to tackle this mess, as it was completely out of control.  I moved one of the shelves into another room.  It won't stay in my room indefinitely, but I had the space and I prefer it in there where visitors can't see it.  We have two walk-in closets in our master bath, and I'm thinking of using some of that space to hide store school supplies.  Hope husband is willing to give up some of his closet space.  Ha!  This challenge is really getting me to think about how we utilize and maximize our space, and I can definitely fit a shelf in each of those closets.

The other shelf has to stay in the living room for now.  It holds our primary school curriculum and where I put current resources during the week.  I also keep some books and toys for Eleanor here to play with during school.  I did clean it and organize it.  Well, inside a couple of those baskets is a different story, but I know that Michele is a homeschool mom and curriculum/supplies will come up eventually.

On the other side of the living room is what I call the "walking path" and there are a few pieces of decorative furniture and some toys for Eleanor.  This piece, while I love it, has a habit of collecting things on it and under it.  So I cleaned it off, wiped it down and cleaned the mirror.

This shelf was cleaned off too.  Michele suggested while dusting we should try to remove half of the items or knick knacks.  I took some older pictures down, and pulled off some books that were set here and never moved.  It is really sad looking right now, but we want to get new family pictures soon and I want to get all matching frames, so I'll "redo" it soon anyway.  I don't know if you can see Eleanor's rocking horse to the right of this shelf, but he stays in the living room too.

This is a typical view of my living room.  I'm standing in front of the back door.  To my left is the school shelf.  To my right is the baby swing and fireplace.  I do want to redo the video games and cords, because someone has been messing with them, and i hate them hanging out everywhere.  I don't know why the lamp is on either.  Elliott??

So who can find the toddler?

I will admit that I haven't cleaned the fireplace or mantle yet, and I haven't touched the ceiling fan, but I should get to them this weekend.

Next up on the list is books.  *sob*  I've said more than once I have a problem buying books.  I fully admit it.  I've been saying for weeks I need to go through the picture books in the boys room since it's overflowing.  Plus my sister-in-law (also a homeschooler!) just sent me some books that I need to go through.  Next week should be . . . interesting.  However there's a curriculum swap coming up, so I think I'll be trying to donate the books to it.

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  1. Your living room looks great! I know what it is like to have a ton of stuff under the couch. Ours moves easily, but it seems that there is always a bunch of stuff under it. We cleaned under ours last week and I can see stuff under it again. It is usually the first place I look for missing library books.

    1. It's like a black hole that just attracts everything!

  2. OK, several things. First, it looks GREAT! You did a fabulous job and I am proud of you for showing what was under the couch. I, too, found a tons of things down in the recesses of one of ours in the family room. (pictures coming soon, I promise!) Also, yep- hold off on the homeschooling supplies and such. ;) And books- well, you are not alone, promise! It seems to be a world wide problem. haha Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! I can't help myself with the books. Husband doesn't quite understand. haha!