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The Glorious Flight with Five in a Row

I decided it was time to start easing back into Five in a Row.  We took a long time off with the holidays and then everything leading up to the baby's birth, and then of course finding our new normal after she was born.  I was itching to get back into a routine, and the kids were needing a bit more structure during the day again.

The Glorious Flight with Five in a Row

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I asked the boys for some ideas and gave them suggestions.  Emory decided on airplanes for us, so that's how we chose to row The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen.  He really enjoyed just flipping through the book and looking at the illustrations.

The Glorious Flight tells the story of a very persistent man, Louis Bleriot of France, who wanted to build an airplane.  Not only did he eventually succeed, he was the first to fly across the English Channel in 1909!

Social Studies

Geography - France
We read a book about France, If you were me and lived in... France to get a feel for modern France.   I reviewed this book, and others in the series, but it was nice to refresh.  Elliott really likes this series, and it reminded me that there are some new ones I'd like to order.

We did a map as usual, because Elliott loves geography.  We not only mapped France, but also England and the English Channel, since that was Bleriot's feat!

The boys added France to their Passports.  Emory has always taken Creative Liberty with his personal story disks!

We switched to using the inset on the world map, because I knew when we did any other stories from Europe we would never be able to see anything.  The inset even had the English Channel labeled, so Elliott put our disk there.

The Glorious Flight story disk

We talked about how this book is based on a true story.  The boys noticed various things in the book that were different than they are now.  The best thing, though, was when daddy bought a new hat and the boys declared he looked like he was from 1901!  Why?  Papa Bleriot wears a similar hat in the book, which started in 1901.  Everyone took turns wearing the hat, even Eleanor!

We also watched a few videos on YouTube.  Louis Bleriot - French Aviation Hero gives a short biography, but we also learned that flying over the English Channel wasn't his only contribution to aviation.  Elliott was definitely intrigued by Bleriot's contribution to war planes.

Then we learned a little about The Wright brothers when we read First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers by George Shea.

Character - Persistence
We discussed how Louis Bleriot was a very persistent man.  He worked through failures, trying again and again, until he achieved his goal.   (Normally I would use We Choose Virtues with our row, but we didn't get to it this week.)

Roman Numerals
Papa's planes are named Bleriot I, Bleriot II, etc.  Elliott was somewhat familiar with Roman Numerals already, but I printed out a Roman Numerals chart, a "cheat sheet" if you will, to let him study.  I wrote out everyone's name like "Elliott is _____ years old" so he could fill in the blanks for our ages with Roman Numerals.  He asked me if I could add Adam West for a bonus question.

{I gave them craft sticks to build the numbers, but they weren't interested in that aspect, so Eleanor drummed on the table with them instead.}

Number Order
I gave Emory a simple dot-to-dot that formed an airplane.

Language Arts
We talked about this in another row, but we briefly discussed it again.

Emory did an ABC dot-to-dot (which he colored black with the yellow Batman logo!) and an A is for Airplane page.  Elliott did the coypwork selection from Homeschool Share's lapbook.

I gave the boys an If I Were A . . . Pilot prompt.  Emory started talking so fast I couldn't even keep up!  After they finished drawing their airplanes, I had them dictate to me.  They really got into this, and it definitely got interesting!

"I would call my plane the Green Zoomer.  I would have video games and LEGO sets.  I would have autopilot.  I would have a Bizzaro Batman minifigure.  I would have a table and chairs so we could eat on it.  I would have a robot for chores.  I'll fly to the other side of the Earth.  I would have a hologram of Green Lantern."  ~ Emory

"My airplane would be called Red Rocket.  I would fly around the world to learn different languages and meet people.  It would have satellite, video games and autopilot.  I would have all of the Bat-Vehicles to transport them."  ~ Elliott 

Last spring we reviewed some Go Science DVDs, and I pulled out one so we could watch the Flight section again.  We read a book called Amazing Aircraft by Seymour Simon, which was an informational reader about airplanes through history, with some very interesting facts about more modern planes that Elliott enjoyed.  Then we talked about the parts of a plane.

We were going to make paper airplanes and fly them across our own "English Channel" (this infamous puddle) but the weather didn't cooperate.  It's not like we haven't made paper airplanes before though, so no tears were shed.

When all was said and done, it wasn't a very hands-on row, there were no special treats or meals surrounding our lessons . . . but it was fun.  And interestingly enough, even though it was Emory who asked for airplanes, it was Elliott who really got into the topic.  I always love seeing how these rows will turn out, and how the boys will respond.

After we finished this row we got hit by the huge snow storm, so our Katy and the Big Snow row is coming up next!

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