Friday, March 13, 2015

I Want a Personal Library!

I didn't want a mansion when I was a kid.  All I wanted was a personal library with beautiful custom built, wall-to-wall bookshelves.  I didn't think that was too much to ask!  I love to read, and one of my biggest desires for my kids (academically speaking) is that they have the same love of reading, and learning through books.  Even before the idea of homeschooling, I bought a lot of books.  I love books, and we have a lot of them.

The thing is though . . . I didn't get my dream library.

Yet, I still can't stop myself from bringing books into the house.

Do you see the problem?

We currently have a bookshelf in the boys' room that holds all of the picture books.  It was overflowing and a pile of books was just sitting on the floor next to to the bookshelf, so I started there.

The first shelf is kind of a random hodge-podge, and the black basket is obviously the catch-all for the little things that don't really "belong" anywhere else.  All stuff that could go on their dresser to free up an entire bookshelf, if the dresser wasn't currently covered in a hamster cage and stacks of drawings they need to go through.  Because who needs the nice sketch books mom buys??  But I digress.

I didn't get a before, but here's an after shot . . . though it could use some more work.

This is some of what came out of their room, and a few from Eleanor's room.  We keep some preschool books on top of her dresser for easy access for bedtime stories, but it was time to reduce those as well.  There was a grocery bag with some paperbacks in it as well.

Inside the girls' closet is a bookshelf of some curriculum, poetry, science/nature books, chapter books, non-fiction.  On top is where I keep lesser-used manipulatives.  It's more of a "school" shelf I suppose.

Before . . . This is what happens when you leave the closet door open and your toddler thinks she doesn't need a nap.

After working through these shelves and pulling several books off I had room to get it organized!  Barely.  It's still a tight squeeze, so I'm aiming to go through this one again when curriculum comes up on the schedule.

The other two school shelves do have some more books on them, but since curriculum will be coming up in the future, I'll wait on those shelves.  I also have some books scattered and hidden in my room and closet, but they are not elementary level, and I need to get those walk-in closets cleaned and organized before I decide how I want to utilize those to help with storage space.  I'll get to those books eventually!

Note:  I'm actually a little behind posting.  This was the challenge from two week's ago, but we lost power for a few days due to the winter weather and I'm getting caught up.  This past week's challenge was to clean the entryway, but we don't have a "formal" entryway.  Technically it's the living room but we use the laundry/utility room.  I know that has to be coming up eventually, so with everything going on this week (and the beautiful weather that had us outside!) I just didn't have time for more than the usual cleaning.  To see what's next on the challenge, check out Family, Faith and Fridays for the 34 Weeks of Clean series!

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  1. Glad to see you got a little caught up on the bookshelves. When my toddler get into the books they are usually all over the floor.

  2. Love that you posted this, regardless of week it is! You did a great job. And yes, I would like my own library. From the look of things, I think we could all band together and have a pretty decent one!

  3. You did a great job on the bookshelves. I'd love a huge library of my own. I just can't get rid of books, and they sort of over run my house. :-)