Monday, March 30, 2015

Patriots, Redcoats and Spies {Children's Book Review}

By Robert J. Skead, with Robert A. Skead 
Published by Zondervan

When I look for books for the kids, I look for books that are not just entertaining for the reader, but hopefully educational as well.  We don't have many books in our personal library about the Revolutionary War, so when I had the opportunity to review Patriots, Redcoats and Spies, I knew it would be a good addition.  My two oldest children are boys who like all things war, spies and adventure, and this book delivers.

Patriots, Redcoats and Spies is part of the American Revolutionary War Adventures series.  The book follows 14 year old twins, John and Ambrose, who not only witness their father Lamberton Clark being shot by a British Redcoat soldier, but must carry out his war mission.  Upon finding out their father is a spy (though Lamberton prefers the term patriot), the boys realize they must carry the message their father was supposed to deliver to General George Washington.

The book is full of brotherly love and mischief.  I have three sisters and a brother, and they definitely treat each other like any sibling would.  In the good times and the bad.  I'm not sure how accurate all of the conversational language was to the time period, it sounded fairly modern to me, but their was still a lot of historical research that went into the book.  The author, Robert Skead, worked with his father to develop this book.  They are members of the Sons of the American Revolution and descendants of the real Lamberton Clark.  This book was written to include historical facts about the war, and there is some great information in the back of the book to go along with the story which helps add to the historical framework.  The book is probably suited for the 8-12 year old reader, but as a read-aloud I found it perfectly suitable for my 5 year old son as well.  I would consider this a modern living history book.  It would be great as a stand-alone book, but also perfect for including with Revolutionary War studies!

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  1. This looks like one my son would like. Thank you for linking it up to Read Aloud Wednesdays!