Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Read-Alouds

Even though I read a lot of great books aloud to the kids during our Five in a Row time, I still like to read other books that allow us to pursue a variety of interests.  So here is what we've been inspired to read recently.

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Chapter Books

Stuart Little by E.B. White
We chose this book in a round-about way.  When we were learning about spiders during our row of The Salamander Room, Elliott recalled something funny from Charlotte's Web (we listened to the audio book last year and have seen the newer version of the movie) and that had him asking about watching it on Netflix.  So as we're browsing for it, he came across Stuart Little, and that led to a discussion about E.B. White, watching Charlotte's Web and the Stuart Little sequels of course, and a request for me to read the book.

Elliott was a little taken aback by the ending and how Stuart didn't finish the mission he set out to do.  It wasn't tied up neatly in a little bow, and I'm not sure he liked that.

The Return of the Squirtle Squad
This was definitely the boys' choice.  They're really into the show, so I agreed to read this one in addition to Stuart Little.  The funny thing is, after two chapters, they don't ask me to read this.  It's Stuart Little that they asked for each night.  I mention this because it's important to note that one of the ideas behind reading living books regularly is that once they get the taste for "the good stuff" they won't want the twaddle anymore.


We are reading When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne right now, and then we'll read Now We Are Six as well.  Why are we reading these?  I wanted to get back into reading more poetry (and what better time to start than April and National Poetry Month!) but the boys just appreciate the Winnie the Pooh connection.  You see, there was a perusal of the bookshelves to find anything and everything Disney related.

The Human Body
Emory asked if we could learn about what's inside the human body.  Initially I tried to find a book from FIAR, but we really needed an off-week at the time he requested it, so I decided to relax and just focus on his primary interests without turning it into a big unit.  So I strewed several books to see what the kids wanted to read.  We ended up reading a few books, watching a couple of Magic School Bus Episodes, looking at a human body model, building a skeleton and doing a puzzle.  Simple, but fun.

The Skeleton Inside You
A Drop of Blood

So we learned about how we have 206 bones as adults and how Eloise has more because her bones haven't fused together yet.  We also talked about the fontanel on Eloise's head.  We talked about red and white blood cells, the heart, germs and how food is absorbed or eliminated.  {I have two boys, so you can imagine the hysterics as they discussed how the bus was supposed to get out of the digestive system in one of those MSB episodes!}

Up Next . . . 

We've decided on Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle next.  When I was pregnant with Eleanor, I decided to do her room in Raggedy Ann.  A second daughter later, and that's still a work in progress (do you know how hard it is to find bedding in the right colors that we actually like?), but I managed to pick up beautiful copies of the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy books on two different trips to the flea market.  The kids were intrigued because of the dolls, and while Eleanor isn't exactly following the stories, she loves to see her "dollies" in the illustrations!  Depending on their response, Raggedy Andy Stories: Introducing the Little Rag Brother of Raggedy Ann will follow.

As We Walk Along the Road

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