Monday, April 27, 2015

FIAR: Make Way for Ducklings

When ducklings arrived on the farm, of course we had to row Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

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We have the book with the audio CD, and we also utilized Kiddie Records Weekly for another reading of it.

Social Studies
Geography - Boston
Outside of the discussions from different lessons in the manual, we also focused a little on Boston for Geography.  We learned that Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and read a little about Massachusetts from our state card.

We marked Massachusetts on our US map, then our home state.

We also used Google Earth, because the boys LOVE it!  We looked at Boston and some of locations in the book, and I showed them a picture of the statues of the ducks.  Of course we placed our story disk on Massachusetts.  It's fun seeing our maps fill up!

Language Arts
Emory had just worked on /n/ in his reading program, so the Nest copywork was a good fit.  I just turned Elliott's into cursive, since he's working on learning cursive right now.

Rhyming, Alphabetical Order
I printed small ducks on yellow paper (there are exactly 8 on the duck bingo game from Prekinders, but they're small and slightly tedious to cut out!) and wrote a duckling's name on each cutout.  I put them in leftover Easter eggs, and the boys "hatched" the ducklings.

Elliott read them to Emory, and I worked with Emory to put them in alphabetical order.  Then we talked about the 'ack' word family and why McCloskey chose that for the ducklings.  We went through other letters of the alphabet, coming up with other names for the ducks.  Emory thought this was fun, and Elliott said Zack was the best name that they didn't use because it was real.

Literature Connections
The Fuzzy Duckling by Jane Werner Watson
The Little Duck by Judy Dunn (This was a little long for Eleanor, but the boys liked it.  They thought the picture of grandpa rocking the duck was hilarious!)
Have You Seen My Duckling? by Nancy Tafuri (Eleanor enjoyed looking for the missing duckling on each page spread.)
A Dozen Ducklings Lost and Found by Hariret Ziefert

Waterfowl, Mallards
We learned about waterfowl from our animal encyclopedia, but focused on the mallard.

Ducklings, Baby Birds, Eggs
Another day I read from Baby Birds and How They Grow while they did the A Duck is Born cut/paste activity (from a little teaching aid I picked up that integrates fiction and non-fiction for literature and science lessons.)  They decided the mother duck on the nest must go first, because you can't have eggs without a mother duck.  By the way, the lesson in the FIAR manual suggests being prepared for questions about fertilization, and she was right!

We also read a poem called Ducks Don't Get Wet (from the teaching aid I mentioned) and did the oil/water activity on paper ducks.  Emory was fascinated!

Art/Nature Study
We did art verbally, but one of the lessons on the Caldecott stuck with Elliott, and he was noticing them on other books!  We were going to go sketch the ducklings, since McCloskey used real ducks to help him with his illustrations, but we just didn't get to it.  We did, however, go see the ducks a few different times.

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  1. I love this book! These are some good ideas. :-) Thank you for sharing in Read Aloud Wednesdays.