Friday, April 3, 2015

Newport Aquarium Field Trip

It has been several years since we have been to the Newport Aquarium (2012) but my husband called one day from work and said we were going to the aquarium that weekend.  Yay for field trips!

The kids had a great time.  We had just finished our row of The Salamander Room, so it was a fun way to wrap up our studies of the animal kingdom.  We had a lot of great discussions that stemmed from that row.  Eleanor was about a year old when we went to a zoo/aquarium last year, so this was basically a new experience for her.  She loved the "fishies" and Daddy pushed her around from exhibit to exhibit all afternoon.  We didn't hear a peep from Eloise, because she slept in the carrier the entire time.

"Momma, they have skeletons!!?"

The boys are old enough that they enjoy identifying the different species, reading about their unique features and diet, and actually learning about the animals.

Meet Mighty Mike the Alligator.  While we waited patiently to move forward, Mighty Mike here started walking backwards, and Eleanor FROZE and just stared at him.  The boys were excited!  Then he was motionless again.  When we got around to the front, she just looked at him and let Daddy roll her on.  All we've heard from her for days now is "Alligator was sleeping" even though he most definitely was not.  

The boys were excited to grab a quick picture with him.

I have a picture of the boys from our last trip here posing with this guy.  Emory could barely reach it then.

And now look at him!

Of course they had to grab a pressed penny for a souvenir.

 While Eleanor enjoyed herself, she wasn't feeling the pictures.  She wanted to tell me about the fish, but she wouldn't look at me if she saw my phone.  "I saw lots of fishies all day" is what she is still telling us.  

The kids enjoyed the jellyfish room too.  Emory wanted to know "If they don't have hearts, how do they love people?"

The penguins are always a popular exhibit.  As soon as we walked in, Emory exclaimed "There's a macaroni and cheese penguin!"  I don't know where he learned about Macaroni Penguins, but I had to laugh.  We didn't stay long when we passed through because there was a show going and it was crowded and hard to see, but Emory enjoyed what the speaker had to say.  We learned that the penguins are the biggest eaters in the aquarium, and they are the messiest too.  

 I have a picture of the boys from 2012 here too.

This little area was cute.

Of course the sharks were a big hit too.  There's a viewing area upstairs where you can look in from above.

"Momma look at that one!" or some variation of that was spoken every few seconds.

"Oh, Shark Rays!"

I was hoping the otters would be active, but we only saw the one . . . sleeping.

We did get to pet the turtle though.  Photo bomber and all.

I'll end with this one . . . just because he's cool like that.

We chose not to be suckered into the gift shop, but we did stop to eat on the way home and let them get kids meals.  The 5 year old was delighted with the arctic animal theme!  Elliott gave Eleanor his baby seal and he put together her puzzle.  Emory got an orca headband and everyone took turns wearing it.

Overall, it was a great day.  We decided to invest in the annual pass.  It's a long drive for us, so usually not somewhere we go often or spontaneously, but the pass cost us less than two admissions would, so one more trip and we have our money back.  We intend to plan our trips during the week, but on weeks they are unlikely to have field trips, so that we can enjoy the popular exhibits without as many crowds hopefully.

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  1. That looks like a GREAT aquarium! Thanks for sharing at FTF!

  2. What a wonderful field trip - it looks like they had a ball!