Sunday, June 28, 2015

EEME - Project Tentacles

As you probably know by now, we are loving our subscription to EEME.  The instruction is high quality, the projects are fun and engaging, and the educational content is far superior to any other "electronics kit" I've seen marketed to 7-12 year old children.

For the third month, we received Project Tentacles.  The goal is to build an alarm system buzzer, while learning about NPN transistors, PNP transistors and buzzers.  The project includes several familiar components (long yellow wires, short blue wires, resistors) and new parts like the NPN and PNP transistors.

EEME review

As always, the lessons start with the introductory information necessary to build the project.  Then Elliott was shown how to build a simple buzzer that sounded when the white wires are connected and the flow of electricity is no longer broken.  All of this is explained thoroughly during the course of the project.

EEME review

The videos continue on, helping the student understand how the NPN and PNP transistors work, and what happens when they are switched.  By the end, we have a working "alarm" that sounds continuously if the white wires are not connected.  Essentially, the wires should be set to touch with a closed drawer, door, etc.  When the door opens, the white wires will lose their connection and it trips the alarm.  Elliott decided to set his up to protect his money.  This is a great project for his age!  

Again, I found the recommended time of 1.5 to 2.5 hours to be accurate.  It took us about two hours, with a couple breaks, to complete this project.  I do have to help occasionally by double checking to make sure wires are lined up correctly, but he follows along really well.

EEME review

Since I've been subscribed for a few months, I think I can comment more about the subscription service now.  I get the monthly email around the ship date, and it is always filled with ideas for preparing for the project, which arrives within a week or so of the email.  Our project always arrives in a timely manner based on their ship date, so there is no doubt they ship when they say they do.  We've never had any pieces missing or broken.  The website is easy to use and I have never had any issues streaming the videos.  So in addition to the content, I just wanted to say that I am pleased with the service of EEME too.

In case you missed them, here are the previous two projects, so you can see how they build on one another.  The breadboard was introduced in the first project, and we continue to review what we learned previously, before moving on to new concepts.

Month 1 - Project Genius Light
Month 2 - Project DIY Display

If you are interested in EEME, they have more than just a monthly subscription option.  If your kiddos like to work continuously, or you're interested in a summer project, you should consider the Builder Basic 6 Project Set.  It comes with everything you need for six projects:  Project Genius Light, DIY Display, Tentacles, Attraction, Fade to Black and Countdown.  The curriculum is available online to teach everything!

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