Friday, June 26, 2015

Random 5 on Friday ~ June 26th

1.  I mentioned last year that we planted apple, peach, plum and cherry trees, as well as blueberry and blackberry bushes.  This year we added strawberries.  They tried to warn me that the deer would be all over them, but I have such fond memories of the strawberry patch at my grandmother's house!  They're nursing back to health though, so there's promise.

2.  Then we are also trying our hand at a very small "garden" this summer, but so far all I'm seeing is why we've never gardened before.  I think we'll get tomatoes.  Everything else is questionable at best!  Oh well . . . it's a fun learning experience, and I'll definitely be trying again next year.

3.  This is my garden helper.  This girl loves her dresses, pretty shoes, princess hair, necklaces and all things girly. but she is NOT afraid of a little dirt.

4.  Then this little princess is already over 5 months old.  She's rolling and scooting everywhere.  She's a fairly content baby (oh the joy!) and makes friends with everyone.  She's also a bed hog.

5.  Summer school is going well.  We're not doing a full schedule, just supplements and fun things to give us something to do and keep us in a routine.  Learning never stops after all.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew still gives us lots of fun "school" during the summer.  Upcoming reviews include CursiveLogic, With Lee in Virginia, Simply Fun and some science units with Funtastic Unit Studies.  (I also have some non-crew reviews on my list too!)

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  1. What fun! We tried a garden again this year. It's our 4th attempt; twice we've had to move away from a garden we started, and the third time it was the worst drought in over a decade. *headdesk* I feel your pain! We've already gotten some tomatoes, a single jalapeno pepper, and a few squash and zucchini. :) Erm... that's all we planted. Maybe more in the fall or next year. LOL

    Pretty girls! Gives me an idea for next week's Random 5, too, which is where I found you this week. :) Have a blessed weekend!