Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FIAR: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

I try to line our rows up with seasonal activities whenever possible.  It's summer, so we're very relaxed around here, but we did have a little fun with The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  It ended up being a very short, sweet and conversational row.  Well, mostly conversational, except for the gardening part.  That has definitely been a hands-on experience.  I don't have a lot of pictures, but I still want to document our schooling, so I'm posting anyway.

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Language Arts
Descriptive Writing
There was a lesson in the manual, but I also gave the boys the If I Were A . . .  Gardener writing prompt.  Emory enjoys narrating to me, so he likes these prompts.

Literature Connections
We have a boxed collection of Beatrix Potter tales, so we read several of those. There is also this We Both Read book, The Tales of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny, for parent and child to read together.

Social Studies
We learned a little about Beatrix Potter, her life as a naturalist, and England.  The boys colored the flag, marked England on a map of Europe, and added their own story disk to their passports before Elliott placed our story disk on our large map.

I kept this very simple.  I found this Garden Graphing worksheet from that related to the lesson in the manual, so we did it.

Plants, Gardening, Nature Study
This was our focus for the row.  I gleaned information from the manual, but this was definitely the hands-on aspect of our row.  We planted flowers and herbs.  We've pulled weeds and examined roots.  We have tended our garden.  We observed seeds, tasted new vegetables and of course did the traditional carrot top activity.  Elliott may be my "STEM kid" but Emory is my nature-lover.  He has loved every second of the science in this row!

It was a light row compared to others we've done, but the kids liked it.  It was natural and enjoyable and I was delighted when they asked "What book is next?" even though it's supposedly summer break around here!

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  1. Love this! And you grew carrot tops! I so wanted to do that with Bo for the Carrot Seed. FIAR does make for fun summer learning - I loved rowing seasonally, too. Love your "If I were a Gardener" prompt, too.

    1. My 5 year old LOVED growing the carrot tops. I almost rowed The Carrot Seed alongside Peter Rabbit, but I have two more little ones coming up who will use Before, so I decided to wait. We can always do it next summer! :)