Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Day is Waiting {a children's book review}

The Day is Waiting

If you're a parent, grandparent, early childhood educator, caregiver for young children, or just fan of children's literature, you're probably familiar with Don Freeman.  An author and illustrator, he is well known for his children's books, particularly the beloved Corduroy.

After Freeman's passing, his wife had many of his illustrations and wanted to continue to share them with the world.  The Day is Waiting is a compilation of some of these whimsical illustrations.  The simple rhyming text is provided by family friend Linda Zuckerman.  The book takes us on a journey from our home, around the world and back again.  It places the reader as the central character of the book, and asks us what we see, where we would go, and what we would do.  What is our adventure?  This charming little book is a tour of the possibilities that are out there, the fun and delight we can find in the world around us.

The short text (just a few words per page) make it the perfect length for preschoolers, but it could be enjoyed by beginning readers too.  There's nothing magnificent about the "story line" of the book.  It's a simple, yet charming book for young children.  It's about inspiring imagination, curiosity and wonder.  Exactly what preschoolers need.

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