Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans 2015-2016

I've come to the realization that my oldest child is now entering the "upper elementary" grades this year.  Now I just have to accept that my baby is growing up.  As a rising third grader, it's time to begin adjusting his course load appropriately.  He catches on quickly with math, he loves STEM activities and hands-on projects, and he is very inquisitive and curious.  I took his learning style, his requests and his natural interests into consideration when choosing curriculum for him for the upcoming year.

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans

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I've already shared my Five in a Row plans for the year, as well as our other Family Subjects.  Those posts outline everything that is not included here.  This is specific to my 3rd grader's individual subjects.  This is not a daily schedule; it's a tentative curriculum list for the year.  Of course sometimes the Schoolhouse Review Crew offers a review that alters our plans, or sometimes we need to switch things up, so this is always subject to change, and I'm okay with that.

Math U See - Gamma
You can't fix what isn't broken.  We really like Math U See and will be using it another year.

photo credit:  Math U See

Math Supplements
IXL.com (my review)
10 Days to Multiplication Student Workbook and Multipication Wrap-ups (my review)

Logic & Critical Thinking
I will be creating a folder for him that will include a variety of Logic and Critical Thinking exercises, and perhaps other things from subjects that are woven into our core curriculum that I want to review as well.  I will pull from Super Teacher Worksheets (review coming soon) and Schoolhouse Teachers.

Reading Practice
He will continue to read aloud to me, but I do not have a specific list of books for that right now.  He and I will alternate choosing the books. This way he has some ownership over the books he reads, but I can still challenge him by choosing books he might not consider on his own.

Penmanship - Cursive
Now that he has the basics, I will use a variety of copywork exercises to practice cursive until he is ready to transition to using cursive for his assignments.

We switched "late in the game" (at the very end of 2nd grade) from another spelling program to All About Spelling, but I plan to continue with Level 2.

Photo Credit:  All About Learning Press

Since he's using the computer more and wants to type faster, we're going to try Typing.com first and supplement with online games.

We will continue his EEME.co subscription until he completes the kits.  They are fabulous for hands-on learning, and I'm learning right alongside him.  There are currently 12 kits, and we've only completed 3 to date, so that should take us through almost the whole school year.

Golf Lessons
Elliott takes private lessons and will continue as long as he enjoys it.  His instructor also wants him to start keeping a golf journal, so of course when he tells me this, my mind switches to "homeschool mom mode" to make sure we get the most out of it.  I can't help myself!

I listed their AWANA and co-op under the Family Subjects, but for co-op he will be taking a wide variety of classes.  I plan to supplement their languages at home (he's reviewing Middlebury Spanish for grades 3-5), but at this time his (tentative) schedule includes:
First Semester:  Art, Science, PE and Spanish
Second Semester:  Sign Language, Geography, International Music/Dance, and PE

So that's my plan for my 3rd grader.  You can also check out my 1st Grade Plans and Preschool Plans for the year.


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  1. Love your line up :-D mine has changed already. Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. 3rd is upper elementary? I'm just not ready to accept that! Growing up elementary was always 1st through 6th, so half way maybe? :) Though it is 1st through 5th here now, so I'm in a bit of denial. Looks great!

    1. I know! It's K-5 here. I didn't think much about it, until I realized multi-age curriculum is often labeled K-2 or 3rd-5th. Oh well, he's still elementary for now, and that's all that matters!

  3. I reviewed the EEME kits, and I agree that they're great for hands on learning!

    1. Yes, EEME has been great because it teaches something I'm not "good" at and I get to learn along with my kiddo!