Saturday, August 1, 2015

Goodnight Moon - Before Five in a Row

My little Eleanor is so adamant that she do school, so I'm really glad I bought the Before Five in a Row manual several months ago.  When she fell in love with Goodnight Moon I knew I had to pull the manual out and row this book.

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M is for Moon 
We colored some of this M is for Moon coloring page together, and she glued a googly eye on, then I cut it apart for her folder.  (She already knows her letters and most sounds, but coordinating them with B4FIAR when possible will be good reinforcement.)

S is for Star
We say goodnight to the stars in the book, the boys were learning about stars in science, and she had star stickers calling her name, so I went with it.  I used a couple S is for Star printables.  She loved saying "sssss" as she was putting the stickers over the letters.  We actually had to do two of these, so I cut one out for her folder.

We've been practicing matching activities by tracing with our fingers, so I offered her a tracing page for the first time.  I guided her through the first one.  After that she understood how to go left to right in a (mostly) straight line, even if she wasn't actually tracing.  Then she drew her own lines!

Nursery Rhymes - Hey Diddle Diddle
We recited this rhyme several times.  She and I colored the pieces from this Hey Diddle Diddle Book and I cut them apart to create a sequencing activity.

Goodnight Moon Game
"FROM MY BOOK!"  She was beside herself with excitement when I pulled out the Goodnight Moon Game for her.  I had completely forgotten about it until she fell in love with the book.  We played our own version, and she had so much FUN!  This is such a fun age!

She knows her shapes, but we looked for them throughout the book.  She also enjoys playing Shape Bingo on the Kindergarten Bingo app from ABCya.  Then I just happened to come across these cute Shape Match Cards on Pinterest.  I print two sets so I could cut one apart.  She took the cut out shapes and matched the "faces" to the cards.  Then I gave her bingo chips and showed her how to use them.  As you can tell, she wanted to match up the bingo chips by color too.

So when she finished, she matched all the bingo chips she could find by color.

Three Little Bears
I said something about the "three little bears" and she chimed in "sitting in chairs..." so I gave her three little bears and three little chairs.  She lined them up.  She sat them in their chairs.  She put them in front of their chairs. She put them back in the chairs.  Lots of fun, I tell ya!

Counting Stars
She's a letter whiz, but she is also enjoying learning to count.  ;-)  She really liked this Counting Stars booklet.

Red Balloon
We played with a red balloon, of course.

She loves to dot paint, so she loved making a red balloon.

Folder Fun
I've never really gotten into lapbooks with the boys, but I decided this simple version would be easier for her.  I can store them upright in a magazine rack and she can explore them easily.  I printed a cover of the book for the front, but I think I'll print b/w pictures for her to color for covers from now on.

Additional Books
These are her current favorites, and they just happen to fit the theme.  She's really into bedtime books right now I guess.
Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathman
Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan
Good Night, Sweet Butterflies: A Color Dreamland by Dawn Bentley (and other books in the series are favorites too)

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  1. Such great ideas! We are going to row Goodnight Moon in a few weeks, so I will keep this in mind. I love the three little bears and little chairs. I'll have to look in my daughters doll house for chairs! Thank you for linking up again this week!

  2. She did a great job! I love her lap book :)