Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend in the Mountains

Recently my husband decided he wanted to spend a weekend in the mountains.  Just a quiet, secluded little weekend getaway for the family.  It was nice to spend a a couple days without the computer, without neighbors, without his phone going off constantly for work.

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It was nothing fancy.  Just a cabin in a state park about three hours away.  He booked a couple months ago, and I was hoping to see the fall foliage.  While the leaves weren't quite turning just yet, it was still pretty, but also warm enough during the day to feel like perfect weather inside the forest.

We spent most of our time just lounging by the fire, playing games, grilling out and relaxing.  I loved sitting on the front porch reading while the kids played outside.

Of course we got out and enjoyed the awesome weather too.  We took the kids to the playground a couple of times.  None of the playgrounds we frequent at home have a merry-go-round, so I think this was a first for my kids.

Eleanor had no problem climbing up the steep stairs all by herself, but needed a confidence boost the first time down.  You should have seen daddy on the swing too.  ;-)

A see-saw is another thing we don't see often.  They enjoyed this too.

Behind the camera for much of the trip . . . mommy and Eloise . . . she did swing on the baby swing on another trip to the playground, and she LOVED it!

For our nature walk, we picked the nature trail based on descriptions.  The one we chose was the shortest length and was described as an easy after-dinner walk with mostly level terrain.  Or something along those lines.  I was thinking mostly a basic walking path that maybe circled the cabins or something.  Mostly straight and flat like it started out . . .

But then we crossed a bridge . . .

It was a little more "intense" (for my little ones anyway) than I was expecting.  There were a few steep climbs and a few stretches of very narrow paths squeezed between a hill and a drop-off.  You can't really see in the picture, but it would have been a long tumble for a little kid.  Or for mommy wearing a baby.

All in all, we had no major tumbles.  It was nice to take our time and enjoy the natural beauty all around us.  Elliott liked looking for the path markers and signage on the plants.  And of course, every boy needs a stick.

What a face, what a face!

She was so proud of herself every time she went over a log by herself!  There were a lot of fallen trees, but a friend of ours said the derecho from a few years ago really did a number on their trails, so that could have been part of it.

Everyone got to take a ride at some point.

She had to go UNDER too!  It reminded me of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, which would have been a cute book to row with Eleanor before the trip (or when we went on a cave tour the week before!) but maybe next time.  The boys did row Daniel's Duck though, which also tied in nicely.

The End!

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