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Book Review: Counting on a Cowboy

Counting on a Cowboy book review

Counting on a Cowboy by Debra Clopton is the second book in the 'A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance' series.  I read and reviewed the first  book, so I was certainly interested in reading this one as well!

We meet Abby Knightly, who became a widow far too young, in such a tragic way.  In a move that looks to her friends and family like she's running from her past, she uproots and moves to small town Wishing Springs, Texas.

Wishing Springs is known for its quaint charm and good looking cowboys after it was featured in the paper and television specials by an advice columnist Maggie Hope.  It was Maggie's description of and love for the small town that made Abby think it might be a good place for her to find peace and healing.  We actually met Maggie and her new husband Tru in the first book, Betting on Hope, when she put Wishing Springs on the map.  Tru's brother Bo Monahan in'ts too happy about the attention Maggie has brought to town, since single women have started visiting left and right looking for hunky cowboys and true love.

Bo is just looking to grow his part of the business on the family ranch, not to settle down and start a family.  When Abby wrecks her car in the middle of the night, he's not sure if she's here to hunt herself a cowboy, or really just to start fresh like she claims.  Something about the pain her eyes haunts him though, and he wants to get to know her.  Since the wreck was due to one of his stray steers, he's helping her out for a few days while her vehicle is being repaired, and she just happens to be with him when he finds a baby on his front porch.  A baby with his last name that he knew nothing about.  Whether he wants it or not, family man is now in his future.  Between Abby and the baby, Bo is a hot mess of emotions.  Abby does everything in her power to distance herself from the gentle cowboy and the sweet baby that tug at her heartstrings, but she can't hide away forever, and she knows Bo needs a friend right now.

Debra Clopton deals with the heartbreaking details of Abby's life with sensitivity, and shows us how different people grieve in different ways.  She also brings us a little deeper into Wishing Springs, helping us get to know the other members of the community, sharing the stories that make them who they are, which makes the book more enjoyable.  This is a great quick read for anyone who likes clean romance novels.

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