Monday, October 5, 2015

Five in a Row: Daniel's Duck

When my husband planned a long weekend trip to a cabin in the mountains, I planned Daniel's Duck for the week leading up to the trip.

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Daniel's Duck is about young Daniel learning to carve wood, and learning to appreciate and value his own work as an artist.  It takes place in the mountains of Tennessee, and Daniel's family lives in a cabin.  While we were in a different state, our general setting was still similar enough.

Social Studies
We know that Daniel lived on a mountain in Tennessee, so we learned a little about TN, marked it on our United States map . . . then we placed our story disk.

Mountain/Country/Cabin Life
This was the focus of our row.  We discussed the lesson in the manual, and made a list like the manual suggested.  Elliott really liked going through the book looking for "clues" about how they lived.  We did this at the beginning of the week.  They boys also built log cabins out of Lincoln Logs.

At the end of the week, we spent a long weekend at a cabin in the mountains!

Language Arts
Comprehension, Quotation Marks
These were relatively easy lessons.  For the quotation marks, I made two different copywork pages using a quote from the book.  Emory's was in print, and he had to circle the quotes.  Elliott's was in cursive, and he had to add quotation marks in the appropriate places.

There were three lessons in the manual that pertained to climate, weather and seasons.  The book goes through winter and spring, but we were transitioning into fall, so it was still a good time to work through these lessons.  We made these watercolor circle calendars following the seasons.  (I went over the months with Sharpie when we were finished.)  Elliott recognized the division of the months by season right away, but it was a good activity for Emory who is also learning the months of the year in math.

Emory had a lot of green, but also a lot of random colors all throughout his seasonal wheel.

Elliott chose to paint his by season.  He chose green for summer growth, orange-red for autumn, "cool" purple for winter, and brown for spring because it's dirty while you're planting before everything starts blooming.

There was more that I wanted to do, but since we took a day off to leave for the long weekend and I forgot the soap carving supplies for our trip, we just didn't get to everything.  I think carving will come up in another row, but we'll do it sooner if the boys really want to.  I wasn't worried about the math from this row because it's something we have done and do often in every day life, so we just did our regular math curriculum every day.  So it was a simple row, but the weekend getaway was worth it!

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