Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

Obviously I've been a little slack with the weekly wrap-ups.  I managed Week 1, and then I dropped the ball.  Oh well...homeschool Week 9 is complete.

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Both boys are doing well in their individual subjects so far.  The novelty of the new "school year" and new levels of curriculum has worn off, but things are going well most days.  We've been back in session at co-op for a few weeks now, and the kids are loving it.  Of course the boys also love their LEGO Club, and I'm so thrilled there are enough facilitators for all the interest they had.

This week we started rowing When I Was Young in the Mountains.  This week we touched on several different things, but we focused on West Virginia and snakes, and next week we'll learn a little more about Appalachian culture and I have a few other fun things planned too, including a field trip!  I'll share a full post on that row when it's complete, as usual.

We had a Friday Funday this week, which was just GrapeVine Studies, a couple of the no-prep games from Teaching With Games (review to come), reading aloud:  The Real Mother Goose for Eleanor and Shiloh for the boys; an autumn leaf nature walk and then watercolor pencils for our nature journals.

Emory is my nature lover and must stop for every creature.

We went inside for our nature journals and I decided to let them try the watercolor pencils.  It's been a long time.  Elliott really liked them.  We'll also be trying the 'experiment' to see what color green leaves will turn, and I hope to share those results.  Elliott said he wanted to do something with chemicals, because . . . well, I don't know why.  I hope rubbing alcohol satisfies that interest.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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