Saturday, November 21, 2015

FIAR: The Giraffe that Walked to Paris

I've mentioned before, I like to let the boys help direct their studies.  Elliott was interested in The Giraffe that Walked to Paris after he learned it's based on a true story, so that was the reasoning behind choosing the book when we did.

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The Giraffe That Walked to Paris by Nancy Milton is the story of a giraffe being gifted from Egypt to the King of France, and her journey to Paris.  This book is fairly long for a picture book, and the boys weren't interested in multiple readings, but they enjoyed learning the actual history behind the story.

Social Studies
Geography; Political Relationships
We learned a little about Egypt and The Mediterranean Sea and the boys mapped the giraffe's voyage.  Elliott and I discussed some of the actual history behind the giraffe, and how the gift was a political strategy.

Notebooking Pages
Where in the World?
Egypt Country Card
Mediterranean Sea region

Supplemental Books
Children Just Like Me (Egypt)
Children's World Atlas (Africa)
Totally Wild Animal Atlas (such a fun book)
I Wonder Why Pyramids Were Built - and other questions about ancient Egypt
The River that went to the Sky:  Twelve Tales by African Storytellers  (we read tale from Egypt)

We decided to place our story disk on Egypt, since that's where the story starts, and I knew we'd have other stories from France.

Language Arts
We discussed the meaning of setting, and of course the setting of this story.  Then we talked about how our own stories can have unique settings.  The boys both gave me several settings--some being more general and realistic such as California or Mexico, and some more unique and specific--like Teen Titan's Tower and a shark submarine.  We're going to go back and use these settings for writing our own stories later.  ;-)

Additional Literature
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl

I didn't have a good non-fiction book about giraffes (and they weren't given much coverage in our animal encyclopedia) so without a library trip, we made do with internet research.  We read about Giraffes and completed the Animal Fact File.

Emory, attempting to draw a giraffe from the Draw Write Now book.

Math & Art
I kind of linked this all with the giraffe lessons.

We did the Mathematics lesson when we learned about the characteristics of giraffes.  We measured out the height of baby giraffes, and compared the boys' heights.  Elliott also calculated the differences.

It was very easy to include Eleanor in this row, with the giraffe theme.  We talked about how each giraffe has unique spots, and when I found this giraffe craft, I knew we could adapt it and use our unique fingerprints to make spots on our giraffes.  Eleanor loved this project, although she refused to use her fingers for the spots.  Emory insisted on a green giraffe (pick your battles, right?) and Elliott . . . well, he tolerated the craft, but he's outgrowing these kinds of activities.  As cute as the printout is, it was very tedious to cut out, so keep that in mind if you try it with multiple kids!

This is one of those $1 puzzles from Target from when the boys were little.  She's really enjoying puzzles lately, and does well with them.

 This safari animal puzzle is too easy for her now, but the chunky pieces are obviously good for imaginative play and storytelling.

This was another light row, just focusing on the elements of interest to us.  Eleanor enjoyed participating with us, and the boys learned about a unique historical event.  We haven't done another row since Giraffe, as the boys wanted a Minecraft week {I just pulled various freebies from around the web} and then we've transitioned into relaxed holiday studies.

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