Monday, November 30, 2015

Preschool Painting: Kwik Stix Save the Day {Review and Giveway}

My kids love art, but it's rarely on my priority list.  It requires extra time, extra supplies, and usually a lot of extra cleaning.  I always tell myself they get enough artsy activities at co-op, but it's still not the same as regular art experiences at home.  As much as I love to let them create and experiment with new art supplies, it just doesn't happen as often as it should.  Please tell me I'm not the only homeschooling mama that feels this way!

The boys are old enough to entertain themselves with games or LEGO or something else when I can't get to art on demand.  The two year old, however, doesn't take as kindly to the "Sure, in a little while" delay tactic.  She loves to paint, and wants to do it all day, every day.  If you have preschoolers, you know how exhausting that can be!  So I'm sure you can imagine that I was excited when I was given the chance to review Kwik Stix.

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What are Kwik Stix, you ask?  They are tempera paint in stick.  They work just like glue sticks--you just uncap them and twist to paint.  You can paint on paper, cardboard, poster, or any other similar surface.  They dry within 90 seconds and don't require any extra supplies.  It all sounded so simple!

The first time I gave them to Eleanor, I put her art smock on, because I thought she might smudge it on herself.  I found out it wasn't really necessary.  Since there are no paintbrushes, no water cups, no wet paints . . . there are no streaks, smears, spills, drips or accidental messes!  They were very easy for her to use, though she did need a little help with the caps ~ older preschoolers should be able to work them independently.

Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway

She's painted with them several times now, and I'm really impressed.  They do paint on just like a glue stick would, minus the sticky mess.  The colors are bright and vivid and remind me of oil pastels.  These are like a step-up from crayons for preschoolers, without the mess of the advanced art supplies that their big siblings use.

We've only used copy paper, and we've not had any holes or tears in our paper like you get with excessive painting, particularly with watercolors.  Also, because they dry so quickly, there aren't twenty wet paintings spread all over my counter tops.  By the time she's done with one, the previous painting is already dry and I can just stack them up or put them in a folder for her right away.  Last week we used them to make colorful turkeys, and they were dry almost instantly, so she was able to glue feathers on almost immediately.  Crafting makes this girl happy!

Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway

Even though I use them mostly with my 2 year old, they're really good for all ages.  Even I enjoyed experimenting with them!  While they can't replace the experience of traditional painting, they're definitely a unique alternative, which makes them so much fun!  I'd like to get some for my preschool co-op class, because painting with a class of 20 little ones can get a little crazy and this is a fantastic option.

Kwik Stix come in different sizes:
6 Pack
12 Pack
96 Pack

So you can grab a smaller pack for your own art cabinet, or help a classroom or co-op stock their art supplies!


The Pencil Grip is giving away a 6-Count of Kwix Stix to one of my readers!  This would make a great stocking stuffer or just a fun surprise for the artist in your life.

Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway

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  1. My preschooler likes pens (ballpoint) and colored pencils best.

    1. My preschooler will draw with anything, but she prefers to paint lol!

  2. I've got some big, triangular, chunky, soy crayons from 4Knowledge-4Fun that are great for littles.

  3. Glue sticks (of course with supervision so you don't end up with things glued to the walls LOL).

    1. These Kwik Stix really are very similar to glue sticks, which is why I like them so much for younger kids!

  4. The basic 8-color paintbox that all 1st graders get. My son and I spent HOURS painting together with those...still do! :)