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Since this is a homeschooling blog, most of my posts generally focus on the older two kids and their educational activities, with some of the preschooler's activities mixed in.  Rarely does the youngest of the family make it into the limelight, so today's post is all about Eloise!

In previous rounds of Blogging through the Alphabet, I shared how we came up with the kids names, (E is for Elliott and Emory, and E is for Eleanor), so it makes since to share about my youngest little beauty now.  I love researching names, and hearing how everyone chose their children's names.

Apparently Eloise means "healthy, wide."  Hmm.  We joked about that because although we're a petite looking family in appearances, my babies aren't petite when they're born.

Even though we went through a 38 week scare, Eloise was born at exactly 40 weeks.  She was 8 lbs 3 oz, and she was perfectly healthy.  She wasn't wide though . . .  even though she was the second largest, she didn't have the chubby cheeks or the rolls like her sister.  She just looked slimmer in the face like our smallest, and to this day she still looks like him.

8 weeks, rolling back to front

Back to the name:  I love researching baby names, mostly because we always want a name that is familiar to read and spell, but not so common that you'll hear it (or some variation of it) at the playground or in their classes.  When we found out she was a girl, I knew choosing a name would be hard.  The boys . . . we knew in our hearts what their names would be months in advance.  Eleanor's was picked out on her due date.  I have a love-hate relationship with one of his favorites, so it's taken some time to find a name we both fall in love with.  We went back and forth, picked a name around 35 weeks and changed our minds about it, and finally . . . finally, he asks me "What about Eloise?"  It was one of my original suggestions!  It doesn't have a specific family connection or meaning; I just love the way it sounds.  We do choose middle names that have special meaning and family ties.  Her middle name is my mother's middle name.  I surprised momma with that one!  ;-)

My Eloise is now a boisterous, happy 10+ month old baby.  She lights up the room with her sweet smiles and giggles, but plays shy at first.  She adores Emory and Da-Da and will readily give them her affection.  She naps great during the day, but is still my snuggly cuddle bug at night.  Translation ~ she needs mama to fall back to sleep.

There's always something to get into, or a big sibling to chase in our house, and I know that's why she came out moving.  She was my early walker, with those crazy gross motor skills, and she is so funny to watch, because her little legs hardly look big enough to walk, much less run.  Yet we catch her running through the house laughing and squealing, as if she's got this big secret.  I said there's always something to get into, and she's the one to get into it.  She's the reason child safety locks were invented for cabinets and toilet seats.  My mommy radar works overtime when she's awake.

Climbing inside the cabinets

But she's our Eloise.   Or, she's our Eloise-ee, as her sister calls her.  She brings even more happiness and love and sweet little giggles into our lives.  I adore the beauty and innocence that radiates from her.  Someone asked me recently if I thought that was "enough" in reference to my four children.  I don't know what the future holds, but my heart is certainly full right now.

How did you choose your children's names?  

E is for Eloise!

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  1. What a beautiful story, and name.

    Ours were chosen based on the meaning. Hubby stopped throwing names out until he knew the meanings - there were some I loved but couldn't get past the meanings. Our children are Luke (light), Matthew (Gift from God), Celia (From heaven), Jude (Promised), and Damien (To tame or subdue). Each fits his or her name.