Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Izzy is our newest addition.  It's only fair, since I blogged about June and Bailey in previous alphabet rounds, that I share about Izzy now.  Pets are an important part of the family after all, and Izzy thinks she's an integral part of our homeschool as well!

This dog.

My husband approached me one afternoon.  Someone's relative needed a new home for their pet.  Apparently I'm not the only one with sucker written on my forehead when it comes to dogs!  "She's cute.  She's small.  Her name is Izzy.  She's small!"

She's young (only a year old now) so she's still full of Crazy Puppy Energy.

Wherever there is a child, there is an Izzy.

We couldn't figure out how she was getting crayons to chew up and eat.  We were just finding tiny bits of broken crayons around the house.  Apparently she was jumping on the table when we weren't around and taking them out of the crayon bucket.  She apparently has a very strong taste for crayons.  She had the name Rainbow Brite for awhile, until we learned how she was getting the crayons and could break the habit.

Eloise just thinks her puppy antics are hilarious, but she's really good with the kids.

She tries to pull an ET at bedtime to stay in Eleanor's room.

Junie is getting older and mostly sleeps, so she doesn't venture under the high chair as much.  Izzy, however, doesn't bother sitting under it.  She waits until baby is done, and when I'm trying to clean up baby, she's trying to clean out the chair.  The kids think it's hilarious.  Me, not so much.

We had some issues to deal with when we first got her (jumping on the table, house training and food aggression), but she's come a long way.  She's cute and fluffy and a cuddly bug.  She wants nothing more than to be a lap dog, and everyone loves her.  Most of the time!  ;-)

I is for Izzy
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  1. What an adorable dog and very cute pictures!

  2. What a cute little member of your family! I can tell your kids love her.