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Mighty Wolf by Jeff & Paige {review}

Of my three older kids, one is particularly interested in nature, and one is a music-lover.  When I was asked to review a CD called Mighty Wolf by Jeff and Paige, I thought it would be fun for the kids.

Mighty Wolf by Jeff and Paige (review)

Jeff & Paige are a husband and wife duo that met in graduate school at the Audubon Expedition Institute while studying Environmental Education.  They take to the stage to perform eco-friendly and educational science programs for music-loving families.  Their goal is to share their love and teach a healthy respect for nature and the environment.

They also produce fun-filled CDs to share their music and their message.  Mighty Wolf (just released November 20, 2015) is their fifth album!  It is aimed at children 3-8 years old, and was actually named after their son, Wolf.  Mighty Wolf has 23 tracks:

Mighty Wolf
Meet Wolf!
Triple Rainbow
Ladybug Man
Aphid Banquet for Two
Just Because You're Scared of Spiders . . .
Black Widow
The Scavenger
Dead and Delicious
What is it?
Relaxing by the Fire
Grandma Gatewood
To the North Pole
The Arctic's Freezing
That's Not the Way
Plant More Milkweed Please
The Great Monarch Migration

What do we Think?
As you can see, these aren't your typical kiddie songs.  Mighty Wolf is full of interesting narrative and quirky songs.  One of the songs, titled "Dead and Delicious", is sung by a raven and is about roadkill and the message is about not wasting food.  We learn about lightening and storms during a couple of tracks, which is something that can frighten some kids, but the songs are fun, not scary.  Mighty Wolf offers a distinct voice on topics that we discuss regularly with our kids, but the musical approach with the unconventional lyrics lets them soak it up in a unique way.

The big kids haven't had a chance to listen to it yet!  My preschooler was the first one to listen to it, and she now has it on rotation for her nap/bedtime music.  It gets a lot of playtime in her room, and she calls it "The Rainbow Music" because of the colorful cover.  I can see my 6 year old nature-loving comedian getting a kick out of these lyrics though, once he does listen to it.

For More Information:
You can listen to samples, as well as buy the CD for $15.00 or download for $9.99.  You can also check out their previous releases.  Please visit the Jeff & Paige website to find out more about their shows and music.  You can also find them on the following:

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