Saturday, January 23, 2016

52 Lists: Week 3 - Things You Should Be Proud Of

This week's list was a little bit harder for me.  To list out things I'm proud of feels like I'm shouting "Look at me!" and that is . . . not me.  However, the reason I decided to participate in this challenge was to be challenged, to rise to the challenge.  So here we go!

My marriage ~ We just celebrated 10 years!  I am extremely proud of my hard-working husband and his dedication to our family.  I'm proud of our strong marriage and what we've accomplished as a team.

My Kids ~ All four of my kids bring me so much pride and joy, and I delight in being their mama.

My Education/Career Choices ~ I do have an associate's and a bachelor's degree, but please don't tell me it's a shame that I'm not utilizing them.  I chose to leave the work force so that I could educate my kids.  I am proud of that choice.  Also, with this blog, the Schoolhouse Review Crew and other projects I've done as a result of the connections I've made, I am utilizing my education.  It might be in a non-traditional way, but it works for my family.

Homeschooling my kids ~ It is hard.  It is so very hard sometimes.  It also rewarding, and we continue to persevere.  You know, becoming a teacher was one of the top career choices I had before entering college.  I just didn't realize I would be a lifelong teacher to my own children.  :)

Getting Published ~ Being a writer was one of my other career aspirations, so to see my article in a magazine was actually pretty fun.

My Attention to Detail ~ I'm a quiet observer.  I see things, I notice small details.  I remember everything.  I was considered "gifted" in school, but I don't put much weight on labels, and I can probably attribute much of that to my observation and memory skills.  I love that I don't need a planner to remember appointments or dates or to record things that happened to me.

Teaching Myself ~ I've taught myself how to cook (My baked goods are nothing to write home about, but I enjoy cooking new meals) and I've taught myself to do other things around the house that would have seemed laughably impossible to my family when I was a teenager.  Learning new skills is important, and learning is a lifelong process, so I think it's important for my kids to always see me learning something new, even if I'm just learning something I never learned in school alongside them.

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  1. Great list, Brittney! When I saw your picture and article in TOS magazine, I was excited! I feel like I "know" you, hehe!!

    1. Haha, and when my boys saw that picture of them when they were preschool age, they felt like they were famous!

  2. Love your list.. No shame given here.. I think its great.. and you obviously have utilized your "degree" in other areas of your life.. Nothing wrong with that!

  3. Awesome list! And congrats on the publication.

  4. Congratulations on 10 years of marriage! ...and may you feel blessed in staying home with your degree. I think being a stay-at-home mom deserves a degree of its own :)