Monday, February 8, 2016

52 Lists: Week 5 ~ I'm Grateful

Last week was busy and stressful.  I knew I was a little behind on getting my weekly list posted, but when I sat down and remembered that this past week's prompt was "what you are grateful for," it was a moment of peace.  I didn't want to skip the list.  I want to always give thanks and remember the multitude of blessings I have.  The appointments and runny noses and intense moments from the week get to be set aside to think about all the fantastic, wonderful, meaningful things.

My Husband - Faithfully and forever my rock, my friend, my provider, my heart
Two Sons
Two Daughters
Our Family
Special Moments that turn into Memories
Prayer Warriors
Church Family
His Provision
A House to call Home
Two nice vehicles
Sweet Tea
Electric Pressure Cooker
Being able to stay home with my children
Hearing the laughter of my kids
Listening to a child learn to read
Family Picture Albums
The Schoolhouse Review Crew
Afternoon Naps
Pretty Weather

This list was easy to start, and hard to stop.  I could go on, but I will stop there.  There are things on that list that I need to attend to right now!

List 6 will be "The ways in which you can love others" which just so happens to go along with my junior church lesson from yesterday!

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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  1. I so agree with what you said - this list was easy to start and hard to stop! I also am grateful for the Crew! This is my first year, and I've already been blessed so much!

    1. You have no idea--it seems to get better every year!

  2. Yes!! I loved that you included being able to stay home with your children. I am grateful for that, too.

    1. It has been such a blessing to enjoy their company each and every day! :)