Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Before Five in a Row: The Snowy Day

I realize I'm a little late getting this posted.  It's officially spring, it's mostly pretty outside, and I don't want to think about snow at all.  But oh well!  Here's our row of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  She rowed this during the heart of winter while the boys were rowing Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

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The Snowy Day is a simple story about a young child enjoying the snow.  The sound, the feel, the games, and wonder of winter.  It was the first time I'd read it with Eleanor.

I'm starting with this picture, because . . . this face!

She made a snowman from the The Snowy Day Lapbook from Homeschool Share, along with a couple other random activities from this printable pack.

We played with the sequencing cards and matched them up to the story.

We used snow balls (cotton balls) and stacked, and counted and built snowmen.  That there is a snowman, can't ya tell?

Sometimes she likes to do the more 'schoolish' stuff, and play letter games.  So we hunted for all the S's and she took her time to circle each one.  She really liked this and asked for another one.

So I found some other letters online, but she just colored the whole page.

I see this floating around Pinterest every winter, and it looked fun.  She got a kick out of making her own paint.  It's just equal parts shaving cream and white school glue.  I can't remember where, but I found outlines of Peter to cut out, and she stuck it right onto the paint before it dried.  Just hit up Google or Pinterest and you'll see several variations of this.

We really like these pattern block mats.  She made snowflakes this time, but we've done different animals and shapes.  The preschoolers at co-op enjoyed them when I took them in last time too.

This was supposed to be like the art project in the manual.  Gluing pieces of tissue paper in the style of Ezra Jack Keats.  She wanted to "paint" them on, and I chose cool colors for winter.  She filled the whole page.

We examined tracks . . . (from our dog)

My little Punky Brewster had fun playing in the snow and making her own tracks too.

Completely unrelated to the actual row, but these pictures were mixed in.  She was completely into dress up this week.  She also enjoyed coloring in her special school book (Count and Color from The Thinking Tree) with her crayon rocks.

Of course she also gets her crayons out at other times.  A princess must make pretty art!

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  1. What a fun row! I have got to try the puffy paint with mine. Thanks for the links to the pattern block mats. We love those and can never have enough!!