Friday, March 25, 2016

Underwater Adventures: Newport Aquarium

A few weeks ago, Emory had asked to learn about fish, and Elliott had been wanting to learn about squids, so we did a little mini ocean study for a couple days before we took a day trip to the Newport Aquarium for a family field trip.  We went on a Tuesday, a few weeks before the area spring breaks started, so there weren't any field trips or crowds.  We were able to move at our own pace and enjoy everything without feeling crowded or rushed.  It was one of the better trips we've taken here.  Considering the drive we make to get to an aquarium, I want to make sure we can actually enjoy the experience.

It had been about a year since we'd gone, so Eleanor didn't really remember the last trip.  It was a big adventure for her!  She was fascinated with almost everything there.  {Except the glass floors in some areas--that was a big resounding NO THANKS from her.}

The boys spent a long time watching the sharks, of course.  They loved the new Shark Bridge too, where you walk across the overlook.  That was the other thing Eleanor wouldn't do.

These creatures are quiet majestic, really, and mesmerizing to watch.

We saw this on the way out of one viewing area. . . I don't remember ever seeing it in the past.  The kids thought it was a neat way to show how the "baby seat turtles" start their lives.

Hi Five!  The kids got a lot of tricks out of them as they were cleaning.  Eleanor was a little freaked out, but Emory loved playing along!

The Jellyfish Gallery is always a hit.

The kids have to "measure up" every time we go!

I've probably said this before, but I really appreciate that they have some interactive and eye-level things for kids.  I hate when I think we're going to a "family-friendly" place only to find out that they don't have anything that will really engage the kids and keep little ones entertained.

Speaking of hands-on . . . our little naturalist is always willing to check out the touch tanks!

Believe it or not, we did have Eloise with us.  She doesn't care for the stroller, so I ended up wearing her quite a bit.  She enjoyed herself too.  I just didn't get any good pictures of her.  Overall, it was a fun day trip.  I just wish we lived closer to stuff like this.

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  1. What a fun trip! I love the pictures. Jellyfish are always my favorites!

  2. That looks like such a wonderful aquarium! What a fun day.

  3. I love visiting aquariums! It's the next best thing to snorkeling/SCUBAing!