Saturday, April 9, 2016

52 Lists: Dream Jobs

This week's prompt was to list our childhood and current dream jobs.  This was an easy one for me.  I had big aspirations as a child, of course, and my dream job changed a few times, but for the most part, I noticed a clear pattern.

Childhood Dream Jobs

Teacher- I figured I was going to teach Preschool or Kindergarten.  I sometimes considered gifted or literature, but I always returned to early elementary.  I had no clue how that would actually turn out!
Lawyer - I'm not sure where this originated.  I did take a few very basic legal courses for my Associate's Degree (because I chose a legal specialization) and I interviewed in one law office as a young adult.  I chose a different path for my Bachelor's degree and future!
President of the United States - I was a studious, straight-A student, and my daddy always said I could be anything, including the first female president.  So maybe my dream was to impress him.
Librarian - Who wouldn't want to be around books all day?
Writer- I was going to write books.  I loved creative writing as a kid.
Publisher or Editor - I did love to read after all . . .

Can you tell I loved reading and writing?  Some of my favorite classes in high school were a creative writing class and the newspaper and magazine journalism classes I took.  Oh, and anything literature.

Current Dream Jobs

I never really "dreamed" about being a wife or mother, and certainly not a SAHM.  I'm still not a June Cleaver, but this is my dream-come-true life that I'm living.  By the time I had my first child, homeschooling was a real goal, so I guess I took a different path to teaching, but I got there!

Once upon a time I had this grand idea that I should open a Children's Museum, because our area is lacking the hands-on, interactive experiences for children that larger cities offer.  I do love the idea of creating cross-curricular exhibits.

I also like the idea of the Preschool inside of a Nursing Home.  I love the preschool age, and my husband has background in long term care, but the idea makes him nervous.  I've watched some of those videos, and the friendship between the generations just makes my heart sing and cry at the same time.

On a more practical note, the other area I've seriously thought about pursuing as the children get older and more independent would be tutoring or working in the field of homeschool curriculum/publishing, or somehow working somewhere homeschool related.  After my children, I have a strong passion for home education and I want to continue to share that with others.

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  1. Wow! You should run for president now! We need a homeschooling Mom in office.

  2. What wonderful goals! I love the idea of helping out with homeschool curriculum. That would be fun!

  3. I have always wanted to open a preschool in my home. Maybe when my kids are grown...

  4. A preschool inside long term care sounds like a beautiful connection. Helping other homeschoolers would be rewarding!