Saturday, April 2, 2016

52 Lists: Things I Want to Make

I was a little intimidated by the idea of making a list of the Things I Want to Make because I don't really make things.  Except pretty babies.

Okay, seriously.  I'm not a baker or sewer or knitter or you know . . . a crafty person in general.  Nonetheless, I sat down to think about things I would want to make, regardless of whether or not I follow through.

Candles - I would like to make my own candles because I cannot tolerate the scent of most store-bought candles

Beeswax Lip Balm - I don't know what my father-in-law did with his beeswax last year, but I'd love to be able to use some to make homemade lip balm or hand salve

Homemade Gifts - I'm not sure I'll have ever those Pinterest-Perfect gifts, but the idea of making heartfelt and useful gifts for others is appealing

Herb Garden - I'm not a gardener, but I can keep herbs alive.  I'd like to make some of those cute planters you see online that don't take up much space

A Book - As a child, being a writer was one of my dream jobs.  I'm not even sure now what I would want to write a book about at this point, but I definitely think that's on my bucket list.

Christmas Ornaments - There are some very pretty homemade ornaments I've seen online that don't look difficult, if I'd exercise the patience needed for such a task.  I'd love to have more special ornaments to pass down

Memories - No matter what, I want my kids to be full of beautiful memories of our time together

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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  1. Im not very crafty, either! But I have found lots of easy things on Pinterest, and when I make myself do them, it's such a good feeling. I do love to bake and cook, though. And I make pretty babies, too. :-)

  2. I have been wanting to make an herb garden... I tend to kill most things I try to grow but once upon a time I had a big basket with all sorts of herbs growing in our windowsill and I loved having fresh herbs. Great list.

  3. The herb garden sounds so doable! I may just add that to my list, too :)