Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FIAR: The Story About Ping

We're probably one of the only FIAR families that didn't start with this book, or at least row it early on . . . but as I've said before, we just kind of moved through the curriculum wherever our interests take us.  We finally got around to rowing one of the most popular stories . . . 

FIAR:  The Story About Ping

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The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack is a classic that helps us explore the topics of discernment and obedience, as well as spend a little time learning about China.  It was a pretty casual row, and I'm behind in sharing this one also, so I'm almost forgetting what we studied!

Social Studies
Discernment, China, Yangtzee River
We learned a little about China--location, culture, the flag, etc.  

We watched an episode of Wild China on Netflix, then completed a notebooking page about what we learned about China.  Elliott talked about the animals he saw in the documentary, and how he learned he was born in the Year of the Dog.  Emory talked about some of the animals as well, particularly snakes and cormorants. 

We played on a language translator for a long time! 

The boys really enjoyed listening to, and trying to pronounce everyone's names.

We cooked "Chinese Fried Rice" (recipe adapted from a Google search, lol) and tried our hand with chopsticks.  Elliott had the best luck, but none of us were great.

Counting/Grouping, Addition
The boys did some pages from the Homeschool Share Ping lapbook.

Language Arts
Classics, Fiction, Story Elements
The Fiction Book Report for Elliott went along with some of the discussion points in the manual, and I added the Story Elements page for Emory to do at the same time.

 I let each kid test various items.  Besides the pencil, some of the choices included an apple, orange, LEGO brick, penny, and a couple other different things.

They both chose different items, made their predictions and tested them.  Eleanor enjoyed helping them with this activity!

D is for Ducks
I didn't do a full separate unit for her, she just kind of tagged along with the book, the science and did a few extra little activities of her own.

She loves her dot painting of course.

The duck matching was from http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/ and just gave her something to do for fun.

Like I said, simple and relaxed and casual.  Our next row, Andy and the Lion, was also casual.

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  1. We had a blast rowing Ping. It was Mercies first row. We made chicken fried rice, too! Yum.