Saturday, May 21, 2016

FIAR: Andy and the Lion

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Andy and the Lion was an interesting book (a retelling of Androcles and the Lion) and the boys 
enjoyed it.  It was a casual row, not a lot of pictures here, but I had to get around to posting our last row!

Social Studies
We discussed Africa, since that's where lions are found naturally.  I pulled a quick map from Super Teacher Worksheets.

Language Arts
Literature - Aesop's Fables and Tall Tales
We discussed the idea of fables and tall tales, before reading some.

I pulled up a version of Androcles and the Lion to read to the boys.  Elliott immediately compared it to Jesus washing the feet of the disciples--if I can do this for you, you can do this for others.

We also read a version of Paul Bunyan and watched the Disney short on YouTube.

Writing - Openings and Closings
We covered the lesson in the manual, but it tied in with the lesson from Here to Help Learning on writing attention-grabbing opening and closing sentences.

We watched a documentary from Netflix, Lions:  Spy in the Den.  Emory really enjoyed it.

I saw this cute tri-fold Animal Report on Pinterest and knew it would be a fun way to do an animal study.

Fine Arts
One of the lessons in the manual related to sculptures and statues, and I thought it would be fun to make our own.  We pulled a lesson for reference from ARTistic Pursuits.

Elliott made this . . . man.  For some reason, he almost reminded me of a certain claymation character, no?

Emory's was a tree, with a baby in it, and water at the bottom.  I don't quite remember now why the baby was in the tree.

So yes, it was certainly a casual row, but a good one to end the year.  Although we won't be using FIAR as our core next year, I am entertaining the idea of an occasional row mixed in with our studies whenever they fit.  If not, certain books will most definitely be included.  Either way, I do look forward to rowing again when the girls are older.  In fact, I'll continue to use Before FIAR with my preschooler, but that's another post.  In fact, I'll probably be writing up a curriculum post soon!

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