Friday, May 27, 2016

Preschool Plans 2016-2017

Lest you think I make my 3 year old sit at the desk and do lessons for two hours, I feel I should preface my "curriculum" list with a gentle reminder that I am very informal and relaxed in the early years.  I want my little ones to have free time to just be kids.  

Eleanor, however, has a mind of her own.  She looks up to her big brothers.  She's bright and curious, and I want to satiate her (slightly demanding) desire to do school like her brothers, without burdening her with a ton of busy work.  

Our plans for next year are not formal.  You will not find lesson plans, schedules, workbooks or a focus on academics.  Nothing rigorous or structured around here.  Not for preschool.  

Preschool Plans

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What you will find is my attempt to continue fostering her love of learning through good books, play, creative activities and natural learning opportunities.  That being said, here are my plans for her Preschool 3/4 year.  Really, these are just things I keep in my back pocket, for when she wants a little bit . . . more.

Before Five in a Row
A read-aloud approach to learning that leaves you with that warm and fuzzy feeling!  This program uses quality books, is flexible, and gives me the tools to use the same approach with other books.

This book is a lovely introduction to nursery rhymes, which provide lyrical and interesting language patterns for little ones.  Don't underestimate nursery rhymes.

The Homegrown Preschooler
I reviewed this book a few years ago when Emory was a preschooler.  It's full of ideas and encouragement for natural, play-based learning, and reinforces the idea that children at this age learn through everyday experiences.

Kumon Let's Cut Paper
We received this, and some preschool scissors, to review (coming soon) so she's already started it.  She loves it, so it's likely we'll work through more of the books.

Count and Color Just for Girls
This is a cute little book that I received for free.  I wouldn't call it a workbook, even though it does have a few pages to trace numbers.  It's more like a glorified activity book--coloring, some counting, and a lot of places to draw and doodle.  Even though it says "just for girls," it's not quite as girly as you might expect.  There's the occasional tutu or feminine bug, but really the drawings are fun and whimsical, and almost neutral.  There is a Boys version too, though.

I Spy Colors in Art and I Spy Shapes in Art by Lucy Micklethwait
These are very gentle introductions to art appreciation!  I own these two, but I've borrowed others from the library when the boys were little.  I still remember their excitement when they "spied" the Batmobile in the Alphabet book.

She has access to all the typical preschool learning toys, and she does a lot of art, listening to music, nature study, and plays her Favorite Preschool Apps.  I actually wrote about how I Homeschool Preschool right now, and these are just the resources I have at my disposal when I need some inspiration to create that gentle but fun atmosphere we desire.  The best part, is that we can do all these fun things when she wants some "school time" with momma, and she still has a ton of free time to just be three!

So tell me, what do you do for preschool?

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  1. Looks like a gentle, fun preschool year planned! I actually wrote my almost 4 year old a fun, gentle, hands on curriculum this year. It includes great literature, hands on math, and a letter of the week type theme. He wants to do school! And he will not settle for just playing with puzzles and counting bears - he wants worksheets, pencils, cutting and gluing...hence why I wrote him a customized curriculum!