Monday, June 13, 2016

52 Lists: Pet Peeves

Interesting topic this week.  I won't tell you which one got me the most irritated just thinking about it . . . just in case you're one of those people!

  • Sitting your chair back on two legs
  • Slurping through a straw when the drink is obviously gone
  • Adults who still type like a middle school kid passing notes in fifth period.  You're too old not to capitalize the word I, to purposely misspell words and to use ridiculous slang.  
  • When people cannot put their cell phone down during meals, while driving or basically any other time it is inappropriate to check messages 
  • Stacks of papers, junked up drawers and clutter.  I'm a work in progress myself!
  • Leaving a bite or two of something in the container -- I would rather you eat it all than leave three blueberries in the refrigerator
  • When my children walk in and kick their shoes across the room in all different directions, instead of putting them away
  • Using pee pads for dogs instead of house training them
  • Showing up at my house unexpectedly/uninvited 
  • Cursing or talking about inappropriate subject matter, particularly in front of children
  • People who complain about their situation, but do not take steps to improve it

What are your pet peeves?

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  1. I like your list. I agree with you on pretty much all of them :)

    I've got two to add:
    *When the grocery store clerk uses too many plastic bags for your order. I got 4 bags for 3 items the other day - no joke.
    *Cursing in art. By "art" I mean music, books, and movies primarily. I hate seeing curse words worked into the written word as if they were regular words.

  2. Ooh! SO many good ones! I can't stand the amount of people we see driving while operating/using a cell phone!

  3. Surprise visits made it on my list, too! Despite this list having a potential negative side, I've enjoyed reading all of them :)