Friday, June 3, 2016

52 Lists: Things that Keep you up at Night

This week's list was the things that keep you up at night.  Oh boy!

  • The toddler.  No doubt, she gets the top spot.  She still co-sleeps for part of the night, and she's a wild sleeper at that!  
  • The Husband's snoring.  Sorry husband. 
  • Being alone when husband is traveling for work
  • Getting too hot.  I toss and turn and then finally get up and adjust the temperature, and then have to wait until I cool down enough to get comfortable before I can sleep again.
  • Worrying and stressing.  Over the kids.  The future.  Current events.  
  • Netflix or Hulu.  Sometimes I find myself binge watching.
  • Homeschooling.  I often plan at night, or pre-read books for the kids.
  • The computer.  That homeschool planning (research) and blogging often happen during the "quiet" night when their are minimal distractions
  • Reading.  Just one more chapter.  Anyone else?

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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  1. Raising my hand..."just one more chapter"! I'm working hard at going to bed earlier and being diligent about better sleep habits.

    Have a great week and sleep well :)

  2. I have to agree that Netflix and Hulu could keep me up at night. I've been known to watch on my Kindle Fire under the covers :)