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Tiggly Math iPad toys & app {Timberdoodle Review}

Tiggly Math

If you have a little one who likes to use tablets, but want to make wise use of their screen time, you might really enjoy Tiggly Math for preschool and early elementary math games.  Tiggly Math is a set of award winning math toys designed for use with iPads and certain Android devices.  It consists of five uniquely designed magnetic counting rods that are conceptually similar to Cuisenaire Rods, which gives me the ability to use educational apps for my preschooler in a way that makes learning interactive and tangible, the way it should be at this age.

Tiggly Math

There are three apps for Tiggly Math, and instructions are included for downloading and accessing the full content of the apps.  The set is recommended for ages 3-7 and I used it with Eleanor (3) for some fun time together.

Tiggly Cardtoons  ~ Focus on Counting
Tiggly Adventures ~ Number Line Practice
Tiggly Chef ~ Early Addition Skills

Tiggly Math

Each app has a different focus and different game play, so children can transition into different apps or grow into the skills of each app without feeling like they're doing the same thing over and over.  Eleanor hasn't really explored Tiggly Chef much yet, but she can do can do Cardtoons completely independently and only needs some guidance for Tiggly Adventures.  I really appreciate how the apps focus on a variety of skills--academic skills like number recognition, counting and addition are important, but critical thinking, problem solving and creativity are also major components of the apps as well.

Tiggly Math

Our Thoughts
Technology isn't going anywhere, and I think it is appropriate in moderation to teach our children to use it wisely.  I think Tiggly Math is a quality product that helps me reach that goal.  These number rods are large and chunky and the perfect size for little hands.  They also seem durable.  I love that my preschooler now has a very hands-on way to use the iPad.  The little storage bag that comes with it is a great touch.  It is educational, but more importantly, I really like that Tiggly Math encourage interaction, not just passive edutainment.

Tiggly Math

Eleanor has thoroughly enjoyed the Tiggly Math toys and math apps.  Emory's on the older end of the recommended age range (turning 7 soon), and having completed first grade math already, these apps are too simple for him, but overall they are certainly still appropriate for the target age range since all children develop at different rates.  I am definitely adding Tiggly Math to Eleanor's preschool choices.

Also ~ I'm reviewing Tiggly Words soon, so stay tuned!  I will say, if you didn't quite get how we feel about the Tiggly products after this review, I'll just share that I'm adding Tiggly Words to her Preschool choices too, and I'm adding Tiggly Shapes (2-5 years) to my list for tor the girls for Christmas.  The girls will be 2 and 4 shortly after Christmas and I think the shapes would be another fun addition to our preschool toys.  Tiggly is such a neat activity for the curious preschooler!

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