Tuesday, September 20, 2016

52 Lists: My Favorite Places to Shop

This week's prompt was to list our favorite places to shop.  That's easy!

Amazon - Amazon Prime.  Need I say more?

Rainbow Resource - To me, it is the Amazon of Homeschooling.  Well, not the shipping.  That leaves a lot to be desired.  The depth of their inventory is great, though.

Used Book Stores - No particular one, I just love looking for good deals.  Looking at antique book stores and the book booths at flea markets, or anywhere that has a good deal on good books...I'm in!

Ollie's Bargain Outlet - I almost always find good deals on books and art supplies.

Antique Stores - Again, no particular one, but I like just browsing (when I can go without kids) and looking for fun finds.

Target - We'd always get things like diapers and wipes and toddler clothes there, and you can use your Target debit card to get 5% off every purchase.  Price matching during the holidays and using your red card helps save a ton!  We don't have one nearby now, so I only stop in occasionally if we're visiting family.

The Mall - I especially get a thrill out of clearance shopping.  I do buy things in season, just because it's hard to gauge how much a kid is going to grow from year to year, but I always look out for good deals on end of season merchandise.  I tend to get neutral things that don't really go out of style, like solid polo shirts for a few dollars, or athletic shorts for 47 cents.  However, I also try to find the hidden gyms that can be used for the upcoming season.  I've been hitting up stores the last few weeks, and Old Navy had long sleeve button down shirts, so I got several for my oldest son for church.  Gymboree already had what I think was their first fall (back to school) line on clearance, and we got lucky because the day we went was an additional 40% off the store.  Plus I had a coupon!  I got several dresses that will transition into fall and winter with leggings/tights, or by adding a nice cardigan.  It's just a matter of really looking through the racks and seeing what might work.

Grocery Store - No, just kidding.  Husband does all the grocery shopping!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

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  1. Replies
    1. I almost listed a big AMAZON and left it at that! LOL!

  2. Yep! Amazon Prime all the way. I love Rainbow Resource too but have gotten into the habit of then searching for the book on Amazon. At least that way I can get the free shipping (not that they always have the books; but they often do!).

  3. I tend to buy books one at a time from Amazon to save on shipping, but if I'm doing a bulk order or buying curriculum, I'll generally check Rainbow Resource to compare prices.

  4. Amazon seems to be making it on everyone's list :) I do like Rainbow Resource and have shopped there for years. And gotta love old bookstores--dream!