Friday, September 9, 2016

And Then He Was Seven

I never did share anything about Emory's birthday.  It's several weeks past now, the batman cake is long gone, the balloons popped and (some of) his birthday money spent.  He is seven, but the birthday "excitement" has faded for now.  I still just have to say though, that this little boys melts my heart.

As a baby, he cried a lot.  He had to be held for six months, and still didn't sleep through the night consistently until 14 months.  As a toddler, he was spirited and stubborn.

Now . . . he is growing into an easy-going kid who takes everything as it comes.  He loves nature.  He wants to be a zoologist.  He is a giver.  He is the one who always "buys" mommy a piece of jewelry at the AWANA store before getting himself something, or he offers to buy others something with his birthday money.  He always wants to say the prayers for dinner or bedtime.  He will play dress-up with his sister and has so much patience when he's teaching her how to play games.  He's the comedian, the goofball.  He's my Emory.

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