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The Cat of Bubastes {review}

It's no secret that my family has been impressed with Heirloom Audio Productions.  I'm pretty sure I've raved over every production so far, in which they adapt G.A. Henty novels into fabulous audio theater productions.  The stories encompass worthy morals and character traits, told through exciting and adventurous stories, and the audio versions are just so entertaining.  What's not to love?  Most recently, we were able to review The Cat of Bubastes, adapted from the novel of the same title.

This seems to be one of Henty's most popular books.  I've seen it utilized in several history programs that use living books, but we haven't read it.  However, our experience with this series speaks for itself.  Henty is a unique storyteller, bringing together action-packed stories full of Christian faith, while Heirloom Audio Productions adds the talented voice acting and high quality music and sound effects.  It's a feast for the mind to listen to these, and I was eager to add The Cat of Bubastes to our list!

In The Cat of Bubastes, Prince Amuba and his mentor are enslaved by the Egyptians.  While I fear to give too much of story away, for those that haven't read the book yet, I will say that you get to learn about Ancient Egyptian culture, as well as see how others deal with their faith when tested, all while experiencing a sense of thrill and adventure.  Not only is it fast-paced and full of action, which keeps us interested, there are bits of humor, like hearing that a phrase in one language translates to "You smell like a camel," that just makes the boys laugh.

As always, Heirloom Audio Productions was very generous, and in addition to the 2-CD set, I also received several other digital items to accompany the review:
  • Cat of Bubastes MP3 set
  • Cat of Bubastes E-Book (Henty's original; new color illustrations)
  • Official MP3 Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Study Guide and Discussion 
  • Inspirational Verse Poster
  • Live the Adventure Letter
  • Behind the Scenes Video
The MP3 set is great for those that want to transfer the story to a portable device.  The Study Guide, though, is what turns this from a history-packed audio adventure into a full history unit.  With background information about the author and Moses, comprehension questions (Listening Well), critical thinking questions (Thinking Further), and vocabulary enhancement (Defining Words), this is already a full unit.  The Expand Your Learning! text boxes that appear throughout the guide are full of random pieces of Egyptian culture, such as the the importance of animals, information about the Egyptian language, and even a recipe.  I also really like how the Thinking Further section has geography worked into this unit too, by using modern maps to study Egypt.  At the end of the guide, you will find additional recommendations for books to accompany a study on Ancient Egypt.  There are also three Bible studies, titled "God Meant it for Good," "The Knowledge of God" and "Idolatry and Tyranny" that can accompany the study of The Cat of Bubastes.  The whole guide is great for discussion starters for our family, but I also believe older children can use them independently for written assignments.

I really think almost any family will appreciate this audio drama, whether you homeschool or not.  Obviously, students learning about Ancient Egypt will find The Cat of Bubastes a very appropriate supplement, but I think that any family that enjoys wholesome entertainment, whether they homeschool or not, would enjoy this entire series!

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Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

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