Tuesday, October 4, 2016

52 Lists: Family Traditions & Wist Lists

I got a little behind!  Things have been busy with school, visiting family and we just joined a new co-op!  So much fun, but I'll share more on that stuff later.  On to the two most recent lists!

Family Traditions

When it comes to traditions, we don't have a lot, but I do hope we're passing on special memories.  Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Birthdays ~ Birthday person gets to choose the meals on their special day. If the party is on the weekend after the actual birthday, we still do a small batch of cupcakes on their actual birthday.  (Or husband does cheesecake or pumpkin roll for my birthday!  :)
  • Friday Night Fun ~ The kids love staying up "late" and having movie night.  We don't do it every single week, but it's still fun to do a picnic in the living room floor or pop popcorn for a family movie.
  • Christmas Pajamas ~  I love to take a picture in front of the tree with the kids in their Christmas jammies.  
  • Christmas Books ~ I must read Christmas books all season long.  I do a mix of classic (How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and newer stories that look appealing.
  • Hayride ~ Every fall, the extended family gets together for a bonfire and hayride, and there's chili and potato soup and s'mores and lots of fun!
  • Seasonal/Holiday Decorating ~ My husband loves to decorate for fall and Christmas, and always makes a big deal out of this to get the kids involved.
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center  ~ We've done this just about every time we've visited Georgia since it opened, so the kids have decided among themselves that this must become a tradition.

My Wish List

It feels strange to write out a wishlist.  There's not much I really need, and I'm that person that just shrugs if you ask me what I want.  I've always felt selfish saying "I want this," and as an adult, I would rather the money be put to a more practical use.  However, if I had to make a list.  
  • Gift cards to favorite clothing stores ~ then I could buy clothes here and there as I want
  • Amazon gift cards ~ I already mentioned they're one of my favorite places to shop.  
  • Family Gifts ~ The practical side of me would love "family" gifts like a membership to a museum or science center or zoo.  Experiences, rather than more stuff.  
  • A trusted babysitter ~ We don't have any close family around right now, so Date Nights are non-existent
  • More time with my family ~ I live 10 hours from most of my family, so I'd love more trips to see them or for them to be able to visit me more often

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  1. Great lists! Fun traditions make special memories. ((hugs)) on the babysitter. I am blessed now to have older daughters that help us a lot with our littles. I feel like I have two generations of my own children :)