Sunday, October 9, 2016

52 Lists: Our Daily Routine

This week's list was Our Daily Routine.  It's interesting, because although we have a good routine when we're home, our days are drastically different on days we leave the house.  Obviously, weekends don't follow this routine since husband's home, there's no school and Sundays are completely different.  Wednesday evenings are different and bedtimes harder since we get home late, and now that we've started co-op, we'll have another day that doesn't follow routine either since we're out of the house most of the day.

These times are all estimates:  

7:30 AM- Cry internally as my early birds wake me up.  I'm not a morning person, and one of those early birds still doesn't sleep through the night, so I don't set an alarm unless we have to be somewhere relatively early.

8:00 AM - Husband is off to work by now, so it's on to my morning routine and making breakfast.

9:00 AM - Kids back upstairs to make beds, get dressed, brush teeth . . . then they have free time while I clean breakfast dishes, work on laundry, check emails, and just kind of mentally prep for anything that needs to be done for the day.

10-12ish - Quick snack, then this is the bulk of our school time.  The order of our subjects may change depending on the toddler's nap schedule, because some subjects are easier to do when she's asleep. On co-op days, we'll be heading out the door right before 10:00 and will be gone until close to 3:00 PM.  

12:30ish - 1:30 PM- Lunch Hour.  I often read something out loud.  Then I tidy the kitchen and eat a quick lunch, while they have a little free time.

2:00 PM - We finish up any school work leftover from the morning block, and then study for AWANA, do poetry memorization, sometimes a project.  It varies.  Sometimes one, or both, of the girls will take an afternoon nap.

3:00 PM - We're usually finished with school by now, so we clean downstairs, then have quiet and/or free time.

5:00 PM - I usually head into the kitchen to start preparing dinner.  As long as the house is tidied up, the kids have free time while I cook.  After dinner is dishes, tidying up, then some downtime.  We might watch a show together, go for a walk or to the park . . . just depends.  Except Wednesdays, where I'm mad dashing to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door for AWANA.

7:00 PM - Start winding down for bath/bed time

8:00 PM - Kiddos in bed, though the boys are allowed to have quiet time before lights out.  Wednesday bedtimes run a little late.  The husband and I usually talk, do laundry, or watch TV until we go to bed.

9:00 PM - Husband and I talk, do laundry, clean if necessary, watch television or a movie, until we go to bed.  Wednesdays are exhausting, and we usually just binge watch TV for awhile.

Obviously, those times are estimates.  You can't really schedule diaper changes, walking the dogs, cranky toddler meltdowns, or the other everyday happenings.  However, it gives you a general idea as to our routine on a "regular" day.

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  1. I am right in the same boat about mornings. Every day, even when he sleeps in, I silently beg my kiddo for five more minutes of silence. It's always hard when someone else chooses when you wake up and not yourself. Really enjoyed the rest of your list. I like seeing how other people structure their day. Gives me some great ideas for when my little gets a bit older!

  2. I'm so not a morning person either! My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze repeatedly. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love my mornings. They used to be my quiet time, but now my guys are all getting up for work, so...

  4. After years of wishing I had kids who slept later I finally embraced mornings and now I try to wake up 20-30 minutes before everyone else. I find it's the only quiet time I get during the day.