Tuesday, November 15, 2016

52 Lists: Gratitude List

This week's 52 Lists was a Gratitude List, which is obviously very fitting during this time of year.  Of course, I think it's important that we remember to be thankful for our blessings every day, not just 30 days out of the year.  Regardless, Thanksgiving makes us more aware of our blessings, both large and small.

  • My family - My parents, my siblings, my husband, my children, my in-laws and my extended family have all made me who I am today.  I am thankful for their love and support.
  • Church Family - I am thankful we have found a new church home, but that we can still have fellowship with our former church family.
  • Salvation - I have a home here, and a home for eternity.
  • Homeschooling - It's an honor and a blessing to homeschool my children.  It is hard sometimes, but it's worth the perseverance 
  • Friendships - Old friends who are always there, and new friends, especially those that are in the same stage of life and just "get" what you're going through
  • Knowledge and Learning - The ability to learn and grow right along with my kids is a blessing that not everyone takes seriously.  I am thankful that I can keep reading, researching and learning
  • Husband's Job - I am thankful that he has a job with a good company, and that it allows me to stay home with the children 
  • Home - We have a spacious house, beds to sleep in, a stocked pantry and fridge, heat, a yard to play in, and everything we need to make this house our "home" 
  • The Little Things - Books, Laughter, Pets, Cozy Blankets, Baby Smiles, Field Trips, Family Nights, and all those other little things that make each day special

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  1. I missed a lot of the little things on my list and just focused on the big ones. Such a wonderful list of things to be thankful for.