Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Peek into our Homeschool: August-October 2016

So . . . I'm obviously not good at the weekly wrap-ups.  I'd like to start doing them again, but if not, I'm going to aim for at least a monthly recap in the same vein as a weekly wrap-up.  So this first monthly recap is actually from the beginning of the school year until now.  That's just how it goes around here sometimes!

Curriculum Updates

Since I first posted about our curriculum choices, we've had some changes to math (switched to TT5 and Easy Peasy Math) and science (using Apologia Astronomy), although those actually took place before school started.  I'm just a blogging procrastinator, and never got around to posting about them.  History is going well with Beautiful Feet Books.  We've studied from Explorers to Jamestown, and right now we're studying the Pilgrims, so it's perfect timing for the upcoming holiday.  Both boys are still using their respective levels of Logic of English, though Elliott is also reviewing a language arts book from The Critical Thinking Co. that I think we'll continue using--review to come soon!  I do plan to go more in-depth with all of our curriculum choices, since they're basically all new to us this year, but I'll do that during the Virtual Curriculum Fair in January!

Extracurricular Activities
Right now we're not doing much extra.  The kids are of course enjoying AWANA, and we finally found a co-op that fits our needs.  It's smaller and more relaxed in nature, and quite a bit different than what we were accustomed to, but overall we're happy with it.  During the first session the boys had foreign language, science, guitar and art.  This next session they will have science, guitar, music appreciation and gym.  Eleanor has had general preschool classes and a music class, but I'll be "officially" helping in them, so I'm looking forward to planning some fun themes!

Homeschool Review Crew
I've decided not to reapply for next year.  It's been such an amazing journey over the last five years, but I really felt led to take a year off.  Honestly, I've never truly homeschooled without the Crew, as we joined right before Elliott started Kindergarten.  I feel like I need to step back and assess the direction of our homeschool for awhile without having new products (as great as that can be) flowing in all the time.  I'll still be doing some reviews, and I'm not ruling out the option of reapplying in the future.  It was just time to slow down for awhile.

Review Crew

A little birdie told me that new crew applications are still open, and as of this posting, there is still time to apply if you've been considering it!  {Feel free to put me down as a referral if you don't have one.}

Homeschool Coffee Break

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  1. I also decided not to reapply to the Crew. It was so much fun, but we are going to use Bob Jones DVD for my two oldest, and they can't fit anything else in while doing that!

  2. I'm looking forward to the Virtual Curriculum Fair too. We'll miss you on the Crew! :-( I do hope we can stay in touch, and that you'll continue blogging and linking up with Homeschool Highlights.