Monday, November 21, 2016

Before Five in a Row: Corduroy

Between co-op and Cubbies (and the cute little parent-child activities in the book), and listening in with the big kids, there hasn't been a lot of intentional rowing going on.  She's learning so much naturally, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do this Before Five in a Row unit when it presented itself.

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I was at Kohl's and they had Corduroy books and the stuffed bear as part of their Kohl's Cares promotion.  We already owned the book, but knowing it was part of this curriculum, I couldn't resist the bear.  He sat in my closet for a couple of weeks.  That is, until Eleanor saw him.  She just had to see him, touch him, hug him.  She asked if we could read Corduroy.  It was a Sunday, so I decided to throw a quick row together for her.

At the end of the first reading, she hugged her Corduroy:  "She hugged her friend just like this!"

So much of Before Five in a Row {and FIAR} is about those sweet moments, and it's hard to capture the conversations and the learning that goes on during the "lessons," and a blog post can't always do it justice.  We also talked about friendship again when we read Audrey Bunny.  When I read that book for the first time, it immediately reminded me of Corduroy, so I read it out loud one afternoon, without really saying why.  When we got to the end, the little girl was hugging the bunny and she said "She's hugging her just like this" and hugged herself, "Just like in Corduroy!"  We talked about how they were both toys at the toy store who were bought by a child who loved them just they were, and we should love others just the way they are too.  It tied in nicely with one of the lessons in the book.

Pattern Bears
We practiced patterns with our counting/sorting bears.  These are getting too easy for her, but she still enjoys them.

We also talked about how buttons are circles, and I set these counters/bingo markers out, because all of these containers were stacked together.  Eloise likes to join in when the math manipulatives are out, so she was at the table playing too, but she's currently amuses herself by mean muggin when you take her picture.

Money & Piggy Banks
Lisa counted the money in her piggy bank to buy Corduroy, so we got out Eleanor's piggy bank and spent some time talking about money.  We talked about their names and sorted them.  I mentioned their values, but that's obviously not something I expect to be mastered.  Emory got out a bear and named him "Old Mr. Chubbs" and he helped her name the coins.  Eloise got some fine motor practice, because the girls really have to work to get the coins in the slot on the piggy.

Bear Pancakes
This was one of those "it looked good on Pinterest" items.  The kids didn't care what they looked like though, and Eleanor especially was thrilled.  I even gave them a few extra mini chocolate chips and she made a smiley face on her bear.

Corduroy Craft
This was another one of those Not Quite a Pinterest-Success.  I saw this Build-a-Corduroy craft, and I knew Eleanor would love it.  Except, my construction paper colors didn't really match the Corduroy colors.  She also didn't want to wait on me to get out the google eyes and wanted button eyes instead.  She also wanted to draw his smile on, so I gave her a Sharpie and the kid was THRILLED to use a "grown up marker" for once.  She was super proud of him.

Then she wanted to play games with the buttons.  So I gave her this counting mat I printed ages ago, and we did the 1-5 side.  She wanted more, so we did the 6-10 side too.

Then she wanted to play more games with the buttons.  So I found some color mats I'd made (just laminated card stock) and she sorted by color.

After that, I left, but she made her own "project" . . . she laced all the buttons on a chenille stick. "Did you see that?  I squished my eyes shut like this!"

This was such a sweet row, and she sleeps with Corduroy every night now.  I've also added A Pocket for Corduroy to her Christmas list, since she adored this book so much.

I'm behind posting, because we've since rowed Play With Me, and we're preparing to row Prayer for a Child for Thanksgiving . . . but maybe I'll get caught up soon!


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