Wednesday, December 21, 2016

52 Lists: 2016 Accomplishments

The most recent topic for 52 Lists is List Your Accomplishments for 2016.

Oh boy.  When I hear "accomplishments" I feel like I'm supposed to brag on myself or something.  It's a little strange, anyway.  However, I decided to look back and think about the things that would be the most memorable in future years, and that made the task a bit easier.
  • Packed house and moved family to new state for husband's new job
  • Transitioned the kids to a new house, new co-op, new church 
  • Found and joined a church that we feel called to be in 
  • Shared in the joy of leading my little one to salvation 
  • Celebrated our Last First Birthday
  • Explored new parks and walking paths in our new neighborhood, finding a new favorite playground and nice 'nature walk' areas
  • Completed another year of homeschooling
  • Finished another year on the Homeschool Review Crew
  • Completed every list in the 52 Lists so far {some lists were doubled up into one post, so I wasn't always on time, but I've completed them all, which was my goal}
  • Left kids with an unrelated babysitter for the first time 
  • Had first article published in a print magazine 

What are your accomplishments for this past year?  What memories do you want to cherish in the years to come?  Please share them!

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  1. Seems like a pretty good list to me :) Way to go!!

  2. Congratulation on the move and the settling!!

  3. Packing and moving to a new house and settling in a new town is an amazing accomplishment! It looks like you have settled in and had a great year too. Well done! ♥