Friday, December 9, 2016

52 Lists: Movies and TO-DO List

I'm a little behind here, and I missed last week's list, Favorite Movies.  Well actually, I started the post, but never got around to finishing it because I don't really have favorite movies.  I mean, I watch movies and enjoy them, but then I move on.  For some reason, I rarely associate the sentiment of "favorites" with things like books, songs or movies.  However, there are a few that stand out.  My favorite children's movies were Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast.  My favorites as a teenager were feel-good sports and romance movies.  As an adult, I typically enjoy comedies, dramas and romance, and I'll tolerate action movies.  I don't really do sci-fi or horror.

Ok . . . now onto this week's list!

December's To-Do List.

  • Husband's Employee-Family Christmas dinner
  • Elliott's Birthday
  • finish the last few sessions of co-op 
  • Make some fun homemade Christmas ornaments 
  • Write a couple of reviews
  • Play date with friends
  • Read Christmas books 
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Finish shopping and then wrap gifts
  • Christmas cookie exchange (this is mostly husband's thing, but I'm sure I'll help)
  • Christmas dinner with Homebuilder's Sunday School class
  • Children's Christmas program 
  • Christmas Eve with family
  • Enjoying Christmas in the moment and reflecting on our truest gifts 
  • Look into piano lessons for Emory (his request)
  • Start thinking ahead for Eleanor and Eloise's birthdays 
  • Brainstorming/outlining homeschool plans for January and beyond

It's already time for the next list, Winter Bucket List, so I'm thinking about the memory-making activities I want to put at the top of our list.

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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