Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Peek into our Homeschool: November 2016

So I was right . . . no way I could get in weekly wrap-ups, but I did make it to a second Monthly Recap!

November was a good month.  We had a few regular weeks where we "checked off" all the subject areas, and then the last two weeks have been very laid back as we enjoyed Thanksgiving, and then just took some downtime to regroup and decide how to finish out the calendar year.  So here are some of the highlights from this month . . .

Park with Friends

The Park is always a fun, but one week the building where we have co-op was closed the day we meet, so we met up with some new friends for a play date.  My kids have determined this one to be the "best" in the area, as far as playgrounds are concerned.  The only thing that would make it perfect for me is if it were completely fenced in like some of the other playgrounds in the area.

Eloise loves the slides right now!

 And climbing . . .

Learning about Elections

The boys spent a lot of time leading up to the election going through their presidential cards and reading the random facts on the back.  When Elliott got bored waiting on the states to be called, he decided to put these cards in order again.

When Emory got bored, he decided to draw Trump and Clinton on the back of his electorate map.


This session, the boys are taking Science, Music Appreciation, Guitar and Gym.  Emory asked last week if he could stop the guitar lessons and just read a book during that time.  It's a very small and relaxed co-op, and Independent Study is allowed as an alternative to that class, so last week he sat out with another kid his age, but I think I might take them some educational games.  

Elliott on the other hand, is enjoying the guitar lessons, and even practices at home without being reminded!  Emory said guitar is not his dream instrument, but he's expressed interest in piano lessons, so we're looking into that.  

Eleanor has Storytime (where I read a book and do educational activities/games related to the story) and Crafts in the morning.  After lunch is Music for Littles and Gym.  

This week was all about shapes. 


The boys and I finished up our Pilgrims/Thanksgiving unit in Beautiful Feet Books.  I'll be posting an update to that series soon to share our thoughts on the books they use and supplement books/activities we tried.

Eleanor rowed Prayer for a Child for Before Five in a Row for Thanksgiving, and I'll be sharing that post eventually too.  It was a sweet book.   {She also rowed Corduroy which was a big hit, and then Play With Me--I need to write that one up too!}

She did a couple generic turkey crafts too.   It is hard to fill this girl up when she gets on a roll with her school/crafts and she's been there lately.  "I want another one . . . I want more school . . . can I do a project?"

Other Highlights

  • We finally signed up for library cards here!  The children's department (an entire floor) is really nice and we've been getting lots of extra books to enjoy. 
  • Astronomy - the boys built a Mars community and we observed the supermoon earlier in the month, then we took the last two weeks off from formal science to finish up our Pilgrim/Thanksgiving unit 
  • Angel Tree:  The three big kids went shopping with Daddy to pick out gifts for our Angel Tree child
  • The Homeschool Review Crew ended - Blue Ribbon Awards
  • Continuing AWANA and practicing for the children's Christmas program (I'm told Elliott has a short solo??)
  • The end of November was very relaxed--we all needed some downtime, so we mostly read books, played games, puzzles and did arts and crafts and Elliott has been using Scratch to code 

Homeschool Coffee Break

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  1. We took the week before off as well. It was busy getting ready for thanksgiving. Now we are working on Christmas Around the World. The park looks like it was a fun park. We didn't study the elections this year but it looks like your kids had fun studying it. I love those President Cards. Where did you get them?

    1. Christmas Around the World sounds so fun, but I never plan something like that in time!

      The Presidential Cards were from a bookstore I think, my husband picked up the states and presidents on a whim a long time ago because they were marked down.

  2. Loved your sweet pictures, and got a kick out of the drawings of Trump and Hillary! :-) Your co-op sounds like a good one, with interesting subjects offered. Thanks for sharing on Homeschool Highlights this week!

    1. Thank you! The co-op is small, but friendly, and we like it!