Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Before Five in a Row: Play with Me

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Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets is about a little girl that tries to befriend several different animals, but she must first exercise patience, and learn what really attracts the animals.  We kept this row fairly simple.  A lot of the "row" was done during the Preschool classes at co-op that I teach, which are Storytime & Early Learning, and Crafts.

I picked Play with Me because I was looking for something related to insects--I was bringing my bugs in for the elementary science class, so I figured I might as well do a similar theme with the preschoolers the same day.  Play With Me isn't specifically about insects, but it fit well enough, and they listened so intently!

Some activities we did during the Storytime class:
  • Read the book
  • Talked about the story, the animals/insects, and patience
  • Looked at picture cards of the animals/creatures in the story, plus more insect cards
  • I is for Insect coloring page
  • Read a great living book from co-op's library shelf about butterflies while they played
We moved to the other end of the table for some play time.  I set out the Ants in the Pants game for free play, and a sensory bin.  It was fairly simple, but they played with it for a long time.

Later, the big kids brought my Bug Collection back, and we talked about PATIENCE again, since the preschoolers had waited so patiently for the elementary science class to use them first, and they added that to their playing.

During the transition to our Crafts class, we started with a drawing page "If I Were an Insect I Would Be A . . . " and they chose spiders.  We compromised from power rangers and princesses, though, and we did discuss how spiders have 8 legs.  They're three years old though, so no biggie!

Once I had another set of adult hands, we started a Build-A-Bug craft.  I picked it because it was open-ended.

I had a couple extra copies of the "If I Were an Insect" page that ended up at home with us, and Emory decided to be a Walking Stick.  Eleanor wanted to do it again and she was a Stink Bug this time.

We also did the "Would You Want to Play With Me?" page from the Homeschool Share lapbook.  She said yes to all the creatures except the snake.

One afternoon she also wanted to play with some cards I picked up at Ollie's.  One set is memory/matching, the other half is sequencing.  We did a few sets from the sequencing.  I chose ones that best represented insects/animals, since that was our focus for the week.

Like I said, the row was very simple.  I waited too late in the fall to row this, and we had yucky weather, so we didn't get to the nature study activities.  That's okay though, because I know we'll cycle through the books again when she's older and Eloise has joined in, and I'll plan this one during appropriate months so we can enjoy the outdoor activities.

We rowed Prayer for a Child following this book, and we tied it into Thanksgiving.  Maybe I'll get it posted before the New Year!

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